Life is a funny thing…

Just two weeks ago I welcomed my third son into the world…And last night I was reminded just how awesome life is AGAIN and should be cherished at all times…

Back in 2001, I was a 24 year old…Know it all!

I had ‘life‘ all figured out.

The ‘man’ was in charge and it was up to me to fight the system. It was up to me to challenge the status quo…I had it all mapped out how I was going to do this too…Through activism, music and the new thing called ‘the internet’, I was going to leave my mark on the world…

And then, he showed up…

On August 2nd, 2001…My first son Matthew was born!

Safe to say it changed my game plans…And if you notice the date, about a month later, the world changed forever on September 11th.

So here I was…A 24 year old know it all…Who just had a baby boy, being brought up in the era of…‘Global Terror’.

Life changed for me big time.

My focus was no longer on changing the world…It was on changing Matthew’s world!

I wanted to be with him every step of the way and see him grow up and thrive in this scary new world. It started with a goal in mind, and that was to be around my son everyday through working from home on this new thing called ‘the Internet‘…

I wasn’t sure how I would do it…But it was my goal. I HAD to be around my son. I wasn’t going to be the typical ‘weekend’ Dad because that just was not an option…

On top of the struggles that a 24 year old new father was destined to encounter, the relationship with his mother wasn’t getting any better. We just weren’t meant to be together however we both wanted what was best for him….

When we broke up we were living in Toronto, and she decided moved back to her home province of Saskatchewan.

So naturally…I followed along!

…With the goal remaining the same…To be in my son’s life…Everyday!

Years have gone by and I was blessed to build multiple online businesses which enabled me to be by my son’s side everyday throughout his life…Of course we had some interesting twists along the way but last night, my baby boy…Officially shed the title of ‘baby‘ lol 🙂

(A very proud Dad and Grandmother….Flanking the young graduate!)

He did it!

Matthew graduated high school and to say that I’m proud of this guy would be an understatement.


Amazing to think almost 18 years ago I thought I knew it all and the wake up call came when he was born. My priorities changed and everything just made sense….I was here to give this kid all the opportunities I possibly could…And guide him along the way.

Truth be told, he’s guided me quite a bit himself 😉

He’s taught me patience. He taught me love. And he taught me that life is just amazing…When you look at the blessings we all have…Everyday…Right in front of us.

Hey, maybe I didn’t change the world like I thought I was going to 18 years ago…Because something else happened…And it was much more important!

My son was born.

He has been such a blessing and I’m honored to be his Dad!

Good luck Matthew on all your life’s dreams and aspirations…The world is yours!

P.S. And yes, Matthew is on STEEM, I got him signed up right around when I joined…But alas, he’s been focused on school this past year and a half….I’ll keep bugging him to post more @IrbePads

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