How To Lose $10,000 By Being An ‘Average’ Affiliate Marketer

This is story time with Jon and sadly, I’m using myself as the example…This is depressing folks, get ready to learn how I lost $10,000 by being as average as they come….

By now, you’ve heard about Bitcoin! I know right! Everyone and their aunt is talking about it and I’m sure one of your family members has pitched you on some scam or scheme that promises massive Bitcoin returns…

Anywho, that’s not the point of this post, I wanna show you why being ‘average’ is a bad game plan for your online career….

About 5 years ago, my company got into Bitcoin. Before most people knew what it was, we invested in mining rigs and were generating about a Bitcoin a day for a decent amount of time.

We ended up selling some, exchanging others and dipped out of the game when we thought things we’re heading south.

We became ‘AVERAGE‘ investors.

Things looked bleak, we got out…We didn’t stay the course!

As of this blog post, Bitcoin is close or has surpassed $10,000 USD per coin….SHOOT ME NOW!!!

Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t weigh your options and it’s hard to have any regret when you do make a profit. However I want to show this example with what I see online with affiliate marketing when it comes to new marketers and ‘staying the course’.

One of the biggest reasons we see so much failure online is that most marketers give up, before they even have a chance to start running.

Things take a dip, we give up! We hit a rough patch, we throw our arms in the air and scream victim. It’s the industries fault! It’s so-and-so’s fault! I blame the government!!!


YOU are responsible for your own success. No one else!

And when you start to look at it from that angle, you stop being average and you start becoming remarkable.

Hey it’s supposed to be hard, and it’s supposed to suck at times…But if you stay the course and ride the roller coaster, you will awlays come out on top in the future. Average people give up when it gets rough. And average marketers jump from opportunity to opportunity without staying the course.

So stop being average, and don’t be a ‘Jon‘…Stick with what you are passionate about and you will see results.

P.S. We technically didn’t get out of the Bitcoin game, we’ve just been playing with cryptocurrency and silently learning every day! And this weekend, launched this…

Accept Crypto 🙂

18 thoughts to “How To Lose $10,000 By Being An ‘Average’ Affiliate Marketer”

  1. Nice “Tail between the legs post” but hey man it happens.
    Dont live in the past when there is still a future.
    Bitcoin was/is still one of the most volatile markets. I started
    with it about 2 years ago and still to this day I dont know where
    its going. I opened a wallet when I started using a platform that
    gave commissions in bitcoin.
    You have to look at it like an investment product, long term will
    always win over short term. I think its also difficult because it
    is a completely different concept than traditional investing,
    banking and cash money.

    1. Not getting ‘what-might-have-been’ is not so much of a loss if one could hardly afford the investment required at a particular time or you just can’t figure out what the biz is all about.
      One learns with time and simply move on. Regrets can be time and energy consuming.

      1. Agreed. Oh I don’t waste too much time thinking of the past…We have eyes in the front of our faces for a reason….Forward! Always! Thanks very much for the comments 🙂

    2. Agreed Tim – I’m hopeful for the future. Just thought I’d use myself as an example of how to ‘not’ stick with something LOL

          1. Yeah I have and had nothing to do with him. Completely different group of surfers. So telling one TE owner isn’t telling everyone 😉

  2. Not really into the whole bitcoin thing… But, agree on that we must stay the course. Not jumping from program to program. Sticking the course, and thinking of this as a 5, or 10 year plan.

    1. Oh for sure man, yeah was just using it as an example of how I was looking at the shiny object instead of focusing on the long run.

  3. Great Post Jon, staying the course is really important if you want to succeed in any niche. Either offline or online, if you will not fight it out at the times of difficulty how can you then cherish times of prosperity. There are Day and Night. It cannot be all Day and all Night. Sticking with your niche and fighting it out to succeed.

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