Make A Few Mistakes…Daily!

Sounds weird right? You should try to make a few mistakes daily!

Kinda goes against everything you may have been taught in your lifetime.

We are taught to be perfect in our early lives. Think about it, how does traditional school work? Compete with your peers and try to get that A grade! Society seems to reward ‘perfection’ or the myth of it and look down upon people that make mistakes and might fail a few times.

But guess what?

Failure and making mistakes are some of the biggest ‘wins’ you can have in business and in life.

Take it from me! LOL I’m pretty sure I’ve made about 7 mistakes since I woke up this morning. And that’s ok….I’m supposed to mess up. I’m supposed to make a mistake or two. Want to know why?

I’m human!

But also, it helps me grow and learn more.

Think of the even popular cone of learning…Take a good look and you’ll see where our ‘best teacher’ can be found. It’s at the bottom, and it reads….EXPERIENCE. We retain 75% of the new information we learn when we ‘practice by doing’!

And how do you get experience if you aren’t trying new things, attempting to start a business or developing your brand. Everything good in my life has come from me throwing things against the wall and seeing what sticks.

Herb Kelleher of Southwest Airlines fame once said…

“We have a strategic plan…It’s called doing things!”

Nothing is more important to your success than actual action but along with that comes the RISK of making a mistake and failing. And that’s o.k.! It should be actually sought after because the more you actually DO SOMETHING, the more you will learn.

And if you fail?

You LEARN from the experience, get better and try again. And if you want to see real growth, and real progress…That’s how you do it!

2 thoughts to “Make A Few Mistakes…Daily!”

  1. Hi, Jon I totally agree with you. I spent most of my childhood having nervous breakdowns. Going to school was incredibly hard. I was put in the slow group or “dumb” group as the other kids would call it. I was always bullied and the last one to be picked on a team. Boy, am I glad that’s all over with! Thank God people are realizing that not everybody learns the same way.

    I agree that you learn the best way by doing it (not just reading about it and taking tests), and by making mistakes. Making mistakes is the best way to remember what you did wrong, so you are likely not going to do it again.

    When I mentioned you going to college the other day was just a thought. The reason I have been thinking about college is because I have been looking for jobs in proofreading and editing online. Many of the jobs require a Masters degree. That’s why I was thinking about college. So I hope I didn’t offend you. Looking at those jobs made me wish I had gone to more college. But I am going to work on getting some certificates in Quickbooks and Excel. Those will help out for getting jobs. Then I want to get a Proofreading/editing certificate. And this is all in addition to working on Adkreator. This is something I have to do for now. I have experience in Quickbooks, but it was a long time ago. So studying it now will really help.

    Great post, by the way. 🙂

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