The Marketing Funnel [VIDEO]

Marketing funnels! You hear about them all the time….They are a great way to visualize how you should set up your businesses online but how much do we really know about them….Let’s dig deep and go through every phase of the funnel and how once you ‘flip’ it, you start building powerful foundations that will last a lifetime…Click ‘Read More’ to watch the video below and check out my explanation of this ‘artistic creation‘…

marketing funnel

Awareness – The is what we do as marketers with 90% of our time…Getting people to notice us, know us, like us and trust us. We can create awareness by being on blogs, on social media, in the traffic exchanges, viral mailers, SEO, you name it…

Courtship – This is where 99% of marketers fail. This takes time and most just want to get instant results and not WORK for their customers and potential clients. Impress them with great products, great service and do this consistently. This leads to the next step…

Marriage – Literally, you have swung for the fence and asked the big question! And if your customer LOVES what you are offering they will say yes! This again, takes time to develop the trust needed to swing for the fence, sell a high priced package / service, etc…But once you do….

IT’S MAGIC TIME! – You have yourself a customer for life….But now is when the real work starts!

Relationship – It’s being built and just because you and your customer are ‘married’ doesn’t mean the romance stops. Think about it, you need to continue to give value, give excellent service and provide HUGE value if you want….

Retention and Loyalty – This cannot be bought. It must be earned. It’s the greatest feeling in the world when you EARN it and here’s a popular stat that really resonates with me….If you retain 5% of your customers, your profits can increase by 30%. Retention and loyalty TRUMP acquisition!

Raving Fans & Advocacy – And here we are…The funnel has been flipped. You now have customers that not only remain loyal and continue to do business with you for years, they are your biggest fans and RAVE about you to everyone. They are your advocates and wave your brand and products to everyone they can. This is the ULTIMATE goal of every marketer, to earn and grow customers like this!

4 thoughts to “The Marketing Funnel [VIDEO]”

  1. I really like your take on the marketing funnel Jon. You are right, the courtship is critical. I recently purchased a product from Clickbank and have since been bombarded with emails. Today so far I have received 3 of them. Consequently they no longer have a customer on their email list. There is a fine line and marketers need to be aware of not pushing their customers or potential customers over it.

    1. Absolutely….That’s the most important time, after you have ‘tip toed’ into a potential relationship with a business….That’s their time to shine, and unfortunately, most fail.

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