Maximize Your Rewards With Some Steem-Engine Staking

While a big chunk of the blockchain has been concerned about Steem’s price and our current rankings on, I’ve been infatuated with all the projects taking place on Steem-Engine….

(Can you say…Slightly obsessed…?)

Hey, I get it, we all believe Steem is undervalued and rightfully so. However I know there isn’t much I can do about the price other that continuing to promote Steem everywhere I do as well as dollar cost average my investment into Steem Power.

So I choose to spend my time these days refreshing Steem-Engine to see if I have any new rewards from my staked investments on Steem-Engine.

O.K., some people may be VERY new to this aspect of the Steem blockchain…So this post is meant to help my fellow ‘Noob‘ investors…

We all know the massive success of things like, and Steemcoinpan. These are brand new communities using the SCOT initiative on Steem-Engine. In a nutshell, each of these communities have their own front end condenser that allows us to post community specific content and get rewarded in it’s native token AS WELL as Steem.

Write a post about investing, do it on Steemleo! Talking Sports, rant about it on And we’re just getting started…There are so many niche communities jumping on board it’s hard to keep up…

Here’s my solution to leverage Steem-Engine and the opportunities presented….

I know I’ll spend the bulks of my time posting in either Steemleo and Palnet. Simple and straightforward, these communities speak to me and I enjoy hanging out in their Discords. I feel like I’m adding value with every post I create so I’m staking as much of these coins that I’m earning and being rewarded with daily.

But what about the communities I’m interested in, but not really posting content regularly….

Something like Splintertalk – Which is a fantastic community based on Splinterlands but I’m being honest…I haven’t dove into the game deep enough to post regular content on their condenser.

Or even Sports Talk Social – I do consider myself a hard core sports fan, but only do one show a week when it comes to sports, and that’s not even on my own account.

So how do we get REWARDED from these communities, without posting daily content?

Ahhhh my friend, it’s the secret benefit to the Steem blockchain…Curation rewards through staking these tokens!


And remember, most of the SCOT projects are running 50/50 split, so it’s a great time to simply…Curate the projects you like in the communities you may not be active in every day.

I recently purchased some SPT tokens and staked them right away…Because I knew I wasn’t going to create SteemMonster / Splinterland content daily…But I do have people that I follow and support, and who I can upvote…

I did the same thing with Sports Talk Social and plan to get much more active in that community. However there is nothing stopping me from accumulating the SPORTS tokens, stake it, curate and take part in the discussions.

This is SUCH a huge win!

And for all you lurkers out there that may not feel comfortable posting content everyday, this is your chance to leverage Steem-Engine’s awesome communities and contribute to each of them!

If Steem-Engine is a taste of things to come with SMT’s…I guarantee we won’t be worrying about Steem price much longer.

This is what makes Steem so special! It’s not only the amazing communities being developed here everyday…It’s the opportunities as well. Forming right before our eyes….

Note: Of course…This is crypto. So huge swings are a daily occurrence. And with that, here’s the standard…This is not financial advice. Do you own due diligence with ANYTHING crypto and investing related!


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