Monday Mess Up…With Video Proof

Oh boy, Monday was a mess!

I was all excited to share with everyone the awesome book I read over the weekend and the message of bringing marketing back to providing real value AFTER a sale…However YouTube (and my computer) had different plans.

I was giving a pretty intense talk about marketing funnels and how we need to add to them in 2016, but of course my glorious computer started having trouble streaming with YouTube. The video ended up being filled with froze images of yours truly and a few black screens. So the video evidence is here below if you want to attempt to SEE what I was trying to get across….

However, when there is trouble and uncertainty there is also opportunity!

I’ll still be recording my shows on YouTube because I think there is massive value with creating content on that platform, however their live streaming services leave a lot to be desired.

With that, I tried to stream using Periscope and to be honest…I thought it was great!

So the game plan going forward…

Recording the Plus 1 shows on YouTube.

Stream while recording on Periscope.

Hitting two different markets, hopefully by providing awesome content to both communities.

We’ll see how it goes…But for now, I’m fired up!!!!


If you have not yet done so, be sure to download Periscope on you phone and follow me to engage with us at Plus 1!

2 thoughts to “Monday Mess Up…With Video Proof”

  1. Hi Jon you actually did a pretty good job with Twitter and Periscope. I have trouble looking at the stuff on my phone because it’s so much smaller than my desk top screen. I did get my Twitter app added to my phone and added Periscope. I just need to figure out how to use Periscope now. I was getting really frustrated because I am not that android savvy. I need to use it more with the social media apps.

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