More Followers? Nah I Want More STEEM Leaders!

It’s no secret I love to read but with all the travelling I did in August and the STEEM Creators conference in September…My reading lately has come to a crawl…

Tonight though, I continued diving into ‘The Excellence Dividend’ by Tom Peters…A book I started reading in like the middle of August….


And I got to a quote in the book that made me stop and think…

“I start with the premise that the function of leadership is to create more leaders…Not more followers..”


It’s kinda the currency on STEEM after the crypto and powering up. When someone has tens of thousands of followers we seem to stop and pay close attention.

Rightfully so…This is a social media platform and the more people that are paying attention to you, following you and engaging with you…The better!

But this quote made me think…

Do we wanna see our follower numbers sky rocket while we get minimal engagement? Or are we looking to attract the movers and shakers of today AND tomorrow?

I think…I’ll go with option 2!

I believe STEEM is still in it’s infancy and we’re building big personal brands here. So what we should be doing for the foreseeable future is attracting good people and serious content creators to our content!

After we do that…Engage, engage and while we’re at it…Engage some more!

Hey, I know that’s easier said than done…But if you think it’s hard now, imagine what it’ll be like in a year or two from now?

So when you are creating content and putting things out on STEEM, do your best to attract the future leaders and current leaders of this blockchain (and social media network!)

These are the influencers of the future here and when the eye balls start coming (and they WILL be coming) you will be glad you spent the time now…To develop your network of STEEM leaders!


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