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Motivation When Times Get Rough…

Being an entrepreneur is a rough gig…

We bust out butts, a lot more than 40 hours a week, for the OPPORTUNITY, not the guarantee, at making a living.

You are going to have great times, when everything seems to click…

And then you are going to have rough times, where you end up questioning yourself…

It’s all part of the journey.

This is why I have maintained over the years that your ‘reason why’ must be greater than just…

“I wanna make some money!”

That’s the easy answer. That’s low hanging fruit. And just ‘making money’ is not going to pull you through the rough times because at the end of the day…If you wanna just ‘make money‘ you can go get a 9 to 5 at any time.

But alas, we’re entrepreneurs…We’re wired slightly different.

Your reason why ends up becoming your fuel. It keeps you going when the slow times hit but also keeps you grounded when things are great. The problem is, remembering those reasons why…Every single day. Especially when things aren’t so smooth…


I try to keep my ‘personal mission statement’, in front of me at all times…

On my journal, I have written out my personal mission statement to remind me…WHY…I’m trying to build businesses online. It’s not just for ‘money’, it’s for a bigger purpose.

To help others. Period.

To serve as many people as I can!

I use this mission statement anytime I hit a wall…

Like today, I had a really rough day. One of the worst in recent memory…And believe me, the last thing I felt like doing was sitting down and writing a blog post…

But I was in my office, staring off into space and then I caught a glimpse of my journal….BAM!

I immediately saw my mission statement, and it fired me up!

This is why I’m here, I told myself…If one person reads this blog, and gets fired up too…I’ve done my job. My reason ‘mission’ has been accomplished for the day 🙂

But you see…My job is never done! And that’s the beautiful thing about entrepreneurship…We’re always trying to get better. And help more people…

Here’s a little bit of homework for ya 🙂

I would recommend developing your own personal mission statement to remind you…Why you are even trying to become an entrepreneur in the first place!

This will take time, it’s not a 5 minute exercise. It’s personal reflection and shouldn’t be rushed…

Because when you do develop it, write it out and post is everywhere around you….It becomes a part of you.

It’s purpose!

It’s the fuel that might be exactly what you are looking for to fire you up, and build something awesome!



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