My Apology For A Grievous Public Mistake

PREFACE:  On Sunday, February 14, 2016, I made the following post in a Skype chat.  After consideration, I felt I should make this public statement with regard to the content.  Please read the statement made, and then allow me to express my regrets following it.  Thank You.


First, I want to pass along a heartfelt kudos to those here that have taken Jon’s offer, and those of others, to broaden their reach and voice by posting on various blogs. Greater exposure to an ever growing audience is always a good business choice. UNLESS . . .
(PLEASE NOTE: The following does NOT apply to anyone who has posted on Jon’s blog. It is an observation I made by exploring various other venues related to the TE’s, and their presentation)
. . . when I then follow the author’s links to their blog or other discussions and am led to posts/videos that demean others, incite distrust, or exemplify poor judgement of the person posting.
Seriously people – THINK before making a blog post!
EVERYTHING you write/say, no matter where OR when, can – and WILL – be available to EVERYONE that you are trying to convert to YOUR BUSINESS.
I suppose that if you are seeking out people that appreciate denigrating others, enjoy childish/juvenile responses and actions, or simply want to create that -excuse- for failure (I tried, nobody listened) – then hey, you are right on track for that epic event!
Unless the aforementioned result is what you seek, then I want to suggest a very simple tactic to keep what others may find out about appropriate to your goal(s) of building the environment for success in business.
Keep personal issues just that – PERSONAL.
Focus your words, thoughts, and voice towards enhancing your future – not elaborating upon debatable concepts that will limit it.
Remember: I found the topics referenced by simply following the trail left – presumably deliberately – by people wanting to establish themselves as some sort of leader to be listened to.
Since I found them, so WILL others you may want to be encouraging to join your business. How many people can YOU afford to lose before your own actions undermine any chance at success?
You can – scratch that – YOU MUST do better! Or, remain stuck in a quagmire of your own design, slowly sinking away from any possibility of achieving more. Your choice.

Obviously, as you can see above, I allowed my interpretation of this matter at the time to fog my thought process, and make public something of such poor quality, and with limited value, to an audience worthy of more than this brief outburst.

Why did this happen?  How could I post this without forethought to the possible ramifications?

I could blame it on some over powering desire to quickly disseminate the information in a brief post, or that it was a Valentines Day chocolate overload.  Either way, I must make recompense to those who may have seen this, and quantify the level of regret I have since realized.

I have taken this to heart, and hence forth, I shall endeavor to offer more relative, concise, and substantial information that will, hopefully, help everyone move forward.  Please accept that this troubles me, and that in the future, I will -to the best of my ability- NEVER . . . 


hold back from saying what REALLY needs to be said!


What?  You thought I would feel regret for saying that there are aspects of doing business that some are not quite grasping?

I have but one thing to say about that . . . you don’t know me very well yet!


What I DO regret is saying what I did, and not taking more than a quick foray into the dark side of potential issues without then offering a more in-depth look at ways to help others avoid such pitfalls and/or make corrections.  That, and the contrite manner in which I may have expressed myself, I truly do apologize for.

The points made in the original post are, I feel, quite  valid.

When we talk about using social media for business, we have to look at not only the positives everyone seems to want to discuss – but also the potential repercussions when not done correctly.  Even the best of plans can backfire.  Moving forward without one?

THAT, my friends, is the plan for failure!

So, to this end, I want to openly discuss not only the advantages of expanding your personal and business presence in social media, but the potential pitfalls that can result.  How we can all make that plan that will enhance our efforts on this journey.

I have taken enough of you time for today.  I do, however, want everyone to reflect upon how they are approaching their public presence on social media.  Be honest with your evaluation.

Are there areas where you could improve?

Have you made mistakes that you need to resolve?

Is what you are releasing for the world to see really what you believe will have people beating a path to you, and your business?  And if so, how did you do it?  If it is working, you (and possibly everyone else here) will want to replicate it!

I will delve into this at greater length over the course of a few posts (probably not in chronological order, but that is  just how it works for me).

I truly want to emphasize the positives to your future in this, but must be honest about the potential negative implications that can sidetrack your efforts as well.  At the end of the day, you either provide solutions to assist change, or remain part of the problem to over come.

Let’s work together to solve issues, overcome problems, and be proactive in our own future.

Let’s start by telling me what YOU think about what I have said, and where you see the positive/negatives in all this, in the comments below.  Until next time . . .


With Sincere Thanks

Richard Taylor

“The only limits we have are those you impose upon yourself. Remove the limits!”

16 thoughts to “My Apology For A Grievous Public Mistake”

  1. I saw your post last night and gave it a big amen . I got what you were saying and in no way think it was a mistake. To many people hide behind a keyboard and take great enjoyment in complaining and crashing others. I get sick of hearing all the high school gossip that is created and in the past week have seen a few blog posts and comments from people who really dont get the message of what they are being told. You are what you appear to be and although a scathing blog post may make a person feel better or vindicated for some unknown injustice they have suffered from another person their entitlement is what shines through. When it comes to business how you present yourself will shine through into a reputation. One can not simply polish a turd and make it look better. A turd is a turd. It is not defamation to be honest with ones opinion and honest with what facts are really there. We are all different, we all grow more if we harness each others differences and open our eyes to another’s thoughts and process. That my friends is called growth. Good post Rich

    1. Thanks Tim!

      Indeed, we do ALL grow from interactions with others, and address/embrace our differences. We are all unique.

      I do feel though, that open dialogue about the pros/cons of different aspects of communication enables us to perhaps rethink some avenues of expression, and allow us to move forward. Or, stay where we are, and be content in what we receive.

      I will elaborate on this topic, and take the comments I get here to help base future discussion.

      Thanks again for taking the time to respond. I can’t do this alone! 🙂

  2. Spot on Richard….I just LOVE YOUR POST!!!

    it is something I noticed a lot in chats, skype and everywhere.

    If someone has a business and bash out to other business owners I start already to think…hmmmm…would
    i trust that person to do business with?
    I hear so many things and sometimes I cant help to distance myself from all the things I hear or see.

    Yes I made mistakes…sometimes I said things in public chat that i should have done in private.
    But gladly it was all resolved later and all is cleared…but that can not always be done so in the future I be more careful about this.

    I wish we all can be more careful how we talk about things and to each other…..respect…that is the only word we need here.
    Respect of things that can happen and treat others how you like to be treated.
    Its so simple but for many of us hard to do.
    Positivity is always less interesting and negativity gets more attention.
    I wish it was the other way around.

    Please let us all work on a positive work environment and grow together :)!
    We learn every day!!

    thank you for your post Richard….looking foward to the next one :)!

    1. Greetings Sandra!

      The impressions we take from what others say (and do) will, without doubt, influence any future dealings we may have with that person/business. I, too, have distanced myself from some based upon how I reacted to what was said. Basic human nature to do so.

      Respect is the ultimate goal we all seek. We earn it. It is not given freely. And once garnered, can be revoked. It takes a continued effort to retain, and immense effort to regain. I hope we can all work together to achieve mutual respect.

      I hope to keep your interest in how this develops. Keep posting, as it allows me insight into how to move forward.

  3. I really like this blog post and especially this part of it – “hold back from saying what REALLY needs to be said!”

    And to add to that not what REALLY needs to be said, BUT what one wants to have said. I also believe in being honest in your writings no matter what. As long as you know if you do write something derogatory it could one day come back and bite you. I never sugar coat any of my responses to anyones blog or comments anywhere. I say it as I feel it and like Tim H. said up there we are all different and we all grow IF we harness EACH OTHERS differences and open our eyes to their thoughts, opinions and feedbacks, or whatever else you want to call it. Maybe it could be a rebuttal and be a healthy one. Not everyone is going to understand or even like what someone might say but guess what it is their given right to publish and produce comments, blogs, books whatever else it may be online. They simply own their words. Richard I like what you had to say because you owned it and owned up to it. Maybe it was that chocolate after all 🙂

    At the end of the day who can fault anyone for being theirself, but theirself? It is what it is and I love when folks keep it real.

    1. Mona! Welcome! 🙂

      Thanks for the encouragement to continue on this path. I can assure you, I will stand behind what I write. You get -me- here, be it good or bad, it is what I feel worthy of saying. And yes, I do like to talk, and talk, and . . . well, you get the idea.

      Everyone should be who they are. I would not expect anyone to try to become something they are not just for ‘bonus points’. I appreciate when people express their (real) opinions of what I have written or said, both the kudos and the kickbacks. It is how I learn to expand my own horizons. When we have dialogue, everyone benefits.

      Thank you for participating in making this a more valuable resource for everyone.

      1. You are so welcome and I would love to have your website or blog if you would so share that if you will. I like your stance on writing and all too. Thanks for commenting back and Hey JonJon I have missed you guy. Hope to hear from you even if it is just a Hi in Skype. Hope all is going great for you as well.

        Hugs out

        1. Well, Mona, I wish I had something to direct you to!

          At the moment, Plus1 has the EXCLUSIVE on my rants, ramblings, and witty repertoire. I know not if that is a blessing, or a curse! 🙂

          There are two reasons I am here now.

          1. My 15+ years of knowing, and working with, Jon Olson. Our friendship has led us on a wide and varied journey, with this being yet another -path- along the way.

          2. I LIKE to talk!

          And if I can pass along any insight based upon the past 25 years of being in business, and involved in various online adventures, along the way, then I feel it as an obligation to do so. Helping others to possibly avoid the mistakes I have encountered, and assist in them realizing what they seek, lends to my own growth and knowledge.

          Fear not though, for I AM working on a new offline project that will have a social media -presence- that will allow me to continue on my journey, and interact to a greater degree here.

          So there you have it. You are stuck with me here! I only hope to make what I offer worthy of the digital space in everyone’s lives I am currently residing in.

  4. Hi Rich I don’t think you need to apologize. What you said is good advice. I know what you mean about chocolate overload. It has allot of caffeine. It sure is yummy though. I have found that I need to be careful with how much chocolate I eat. And some medications can make me and others really grouchy. I finally finished my Harvoni on Thursday for HepC. It was making me feel pretty grouchy. I am feeling more mellow today finally. We do the best we can and we are not perfect. But we try.

    1. G’day Barbara!

      Ah yes, the sinful pleasures of chocolate! There are times when, I must confess, I do partake in excess. Only on special occasions like Valentines Day, or Wednesday – because it only comes once a week, you know. 😉

      Glad to hear you have progressed on health issues, and are feeling better now! Good stuff!

      Seeking perfection is fine. Not admitting that we rarely achieve it in our pursuit, and allowing that to limit our endeavors, is folly. We are, after all, who we are. We can not improve unless we first realize we have need for it, and give it our best effort.

      Thank you for the post!

  5. No, you were right the first time…the truth hurts…

    On the other hand, the take back was extremely well written….truly!
    The bookworm in me preened…
    Always good to point out to folks about the permanency of webpages….
    and really, what’s wrong with politeness?

    Thanks…keep it interesting

    1. Mr. Goodwin.

      I appreciate your words here, and that what I offered “preened” the interest of a bookworm! As a fellow enthusiast of the written word, I fully understand the implication, and am humbled.

      I shall attempt to keep things interesting as this develops, however, I am (above all else) a realist, and know that the inevitable -turkey- will be revealed as well. All in a day’s work, as they say.

      Being polite has somehow now been labeled as “PC”, and thus out of vogue.

      I much prefer to be articulate enough to espouse an idea without delving into the ‘shock and awe’ aspects of writing. Although I do agree there are times when this, too, can be appropriate, I tend to reserve that aspect to the few times when the importance of the thought outweighs the formality of presentation. I assure you, that should you follow my writings and presentations, you WILL see some aspects of this as well!

      In the future, I will endeavor to answer the comments in a more timely manner.

      I look forward to your continued posts. As this means I have presented myself in a manner worthy of comment (pro/con) by those reading.

  6. Hey Richard, I see nothing wrong with what you said there.

    Sure, it might not be sugar coated for the softies but why would we like to believe we’re doing a fantastic job when we’re not?

    I remember when I was in Architecture school (I’m actually an Engineer, long story) and every single homework I did, was average to my teachers.

    I literally poured my heart and soul in all my homework yet I kept getting C’s so one day I had it and started asking how come all of our works (my friends were getting pretty much the same notes) )were getting grades so low and all of our teachers told us the following:

    “We are grading your work as if you were already architects. If we graded your work any better -which is actually somewhat average, at best- we would be encouraging really bad work. We’re looking to build excellence in every single one of our students so you have a good chance to make it out there once the time comes”.

    I never complained about getting another C afterwards.

    I believe the same should apply to anyone wanting to create something to sell or profit from, whether that happens online or offline.

    Sergio Felix

    PS. You would never walk out of a restaurant with really bad food saying “thanks, it was great!” just because you don’t want to hurt their feelings now, would you?

    1. Sergio.

      Oh my! You have elicited the (somewhat) fond memories of when I was an Engineering major so many years ago. I experienced a similar response when questioning the grading curve from the professors. Aggravating as it was, over time, I see the validity of what they were doing.

      Without CONSTRUCTIVE criticism(s), we tend to assume that everything is as good as it can be. Isolated in our own perspective, we tend to see what we do as being somehow ‘perfect’. This can then lead to the loss of desire to advance ourselves beyond where we are today, limiting needed growth.

      On the other hand, DESTRUCTIVE criticism just to belittle another’s comments, or to somehow validate your own perspective, serves no one. Neither the original author, the person responding, or the multitude of other readers, move beyond the moment.

      I truly do encourage discussion about anything I may present. It is through that dialogue that everyone can learn, and thus add greater value overall.

      Many years has passed since my last adventure in the formal educational environment of the University. However, I am still a student in life, and trying to expand my knowledge. To this end, I am here today. Learning from everyone here, as I move along this path on the journey.

      Thank your for the input, and the memories, here. 🙂

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