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My Dreams Of Being A Purple Cow

Jon the Marketer!

Look out…I’m here to sell you something!

Or am I honest, to goodness…Trying to add value to your life and journey?

I like to think…I’m adding value 🙂

You see, a customer to me is very special…

They have put their trust in my business to deliver a product or service to them…Which will help them, deliver value or save them time and money…Whatever the reason, I’m honored that they have chosen my business to invest their hard earned money into…

I remember reading Purple Cow by Seth Godin years ago. It changed how I thought of marketing in general and business overall. If you are unfamiliar with this classic, the main idea is this…Everyone looks past a herd of cows…But no one will look past a purple cow in that herd. Be the purple cow, stick out from the nose and the average!

Sounds good, but how?

I remember when I first started doing business online, I invested in a company that provided me with a service. I signed up and started enjoying the benefits.

Around a week later, I opened up my mail box and I received a letter from the company thanking me for my business.

I was blown away!

This small company took the time to (albeit it…type) a letter to me and send it, thanking me for my business. I was hooked!

First, I stayed with the company for years and years…Raved about them and even became one of their top tier affiliates.

But more importantly…

I kinda ‘borrowed their idea’…

Every few days, I look over my customer list, new customers and old…And start writing thank you letters to them…

It starts with some really good writing paper and a fairly decent pen…I actually learned this from reading a business book (and I can’t remember the name of it to save my life)…Where the author suggested that you spend the extra on great quality writing paper.

On top of that, he said buy a pen that goes with the paper…

So I’m no paper and pen connoisseur…But I love writing on it and with it.

Next comes the fun part…

Writing a quick, and personal note to the customer.

This isn’t War & Peace, just a note to let them know I appreciate them and their business.

As you can see, I also include a business card…In this case, a little bit of Steem propaganda 😉

I’m off to the post office 🙂

I know there are tons of services out there that can send these letters for me, and even write them as well…But there is something unique about a personal touch. And I love doing this!

So it’s my small little way to be…A Purple Cow!

I’ve been sending thank you notes for years and it’s something that is SUPER cheap to do but shows your customers that you care. And that they are valued…And in today’s day and age of social media and digital lifestyles…A little letter in the mail goes a long way.

Try it out for yourself, I think it’ll change your business for life!



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