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My Top 10 Business Books Of All Time

We were having a blast last night in the weekly Thursday Night Live session! After discussing the events of the past week and a half on CTP talk and Fire-Pay, the topic came up about…Books!

And this question was asked by @techbizgeek

“What are your top recommendations when it comes to business books…?”

Oh boy oh boy!!!! Thank you so much for opening up that can of worms…Because if you know anything about me, start talking about books and my eyes light up.

A few years ago, I posted my Top 10 list

business books

And to be honest, not much has changed…

These are still my ‘go to’ resources and in fact I tend to read a few of these books every single year (Purple Cow and As A Man Thinketh)

But what about today…In 2020?

Are they still the cream of the crop and the books I recommend that most…?

Let’s dive into my ‘revised’ Top 10 list…

1. Purple Cow by Seth Godin – Still my ‘go to‘ book! This is the book I recommend first to every new business owner to read, and re-read multiple times. The big idea behind this book – Stick out from the crowd. In the day and age of average and same old, same old…It’s important to stick out from the noise. The message was important over a decade ago when it was first released, it’s even more so in 2020!

2. Compound Effect by Darren Hardy – I literally, live by the message in this book. The big idea behind the Compound Effect is to get better everyday. And that small change you make today, starts to snowball into bigger changes tomorrow. Powerful message and from one of my favorite success thought leader.

3. As A Man Thinketh by James Allen – Everyone LOVES Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich…Personally, I thought it was boring. So when people ask me what book to I prefer from that era, it’s this gem from James Allen. Short and to the point, it’s a book I reference every single year and I have read it multiple times in my life. A must have for your personal library!

4. Top Of Mind by John HallOut of sight, out of mind! You know why I love this book so much? It’s because in 2020 you actually CAN be top of mind! With social media, it’s easier than ever to be seen and heard..And that’s the big idea behind this book. If you think you can show up once every 6 months and be a factor in business, think again!

5. One Thing by Gary Keller – What a message!!! The big idea behind ‘One Thing’ is that we focus on way too many things. Have too many goals. And we need to focus on ‘One Thing’ at a time and master it. This is part time management and part personal development…But it’s an absolute brilliant book to dive into. You’ll love it!

6. The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth by John C. Maxwell – Newsflash, I love reading John C. Maxwell books, so I could have picked an entire Top 10 list just of his books…But this one has to be the top pick! An absolute joy to read and the big idea behind this book is that growth is intentional. Because we need to ‘want’ to grow in business and in life. Written like John was sitting in the same room and talking with you, if you have never read a Maxwell book, this is the one to check out!

7. The Sales Bible by Jeffrey Gitomer – This book changed so much in my life. It taught me about sales and the right way to sell – Leading with value! But it also taught me to…Fall in love with reading! Because of Jeffrey’s book I’ve spent a small fortune on my personal library. And every penny has been worth it…This is the book that got me hooked on self-education!

8. The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene – I still can’t believe I read this book! It took me over a month cause it’s…Long! But wow, what a journey it was. This was filled with lessons from history’s greatest leaders and conquerers…Showing you to use ‘power and influence’ business. But also to see when it’s being used against you. Arguably one of the more important books you can read when it comes to business and life.

9. Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert KiyosakiGame changer! When you discover the different between assets and liabilities your life changes forever. And there is a reason why Rich Dad is one of the most recommended books ever. This will introduce you to Robert Kiyosaki and get you hooked on his library of books…A fantastic author with lots of wisdom for today’s business and investing climate!

10. Goals by Brian Tracy – Another one of my favorite authors who could have his own Top 10 list! But ‘Goals’ was really special to me. It got me into the habit of writing things down, specifically my goals every day! This book formed a fantastic habit in my life that I still keep up with years after reading this book. Again, if you have never read a Brian Tracy book, this is the first one I would recommend!

So you’ll notice….

A few books got changed since I did this list in 2017….Not that I think less of them, because I still love those books…But these have had a bigger impact on me recently. I re-read Top Of Mind recently and was reminded how powerful that message is….Especially in our marketing journeys. I hope you enjoy the list and I would LOVE to hear your top 10 list!

Write them in the comments below because like I mentioned above…There is nothing better than talking about books 🙂



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