The mystery and under utilization of Twitter Lists!!




Hey Socialites!!

I’ve been meaning to do a post about this for a couple weeks. But to be honest I’ve been extremely busy, but also realize this is such a comprehensive topic it really should be a series. As always I’m a big believer in starting with the basics. While this may sound silly, many people don’t even have a list on twitter. So with that said I hope I can illuminate this underutilized tool on a underutilized site, lol.

The most basic way of understanding what a twitter list is to understand it’s about organization. For your everyday twitter user it can help you sort through all the various and diverse people and companies you may follow. Each list can be a separate field you may have interests in movies, tech, etc. Or make it more refined, let’s say your just a movie nut. Well than instead of just one genearl “movie” list you could have multiple genre’s say sci fi, action, or comedy and so on. Or break it down between actors, directors, production companies. I think you get the gist from this.

Oh and should mention this right away. Yes friends you can have more than one list. They don’t have to have a common thread if your mainly using them for you to sort your favorites, but without going to much into my next blog post if you use your twitter account for business or with the intent of others being sent to your twitter account or say your site with your feed on it I would highly recommend you customize your lists to encourage interaction with visitors and those in the lists. Once your more skilled with lists you will see how you can easily do both. It’s actually natural as most people in business or promoting their skills are passionate about what they do. So it goes hand in hand.

Now for the first part of our journey through twitter list country first make sure your logged into your twitter account. Once you are visit your list page. Here’s mine for a reference

I do apologize as my own lists will be updated once I’m done with my new home space for the socialites. But from this alone I think you will get a idea of how useful they can be. Over on the right hand side you will see a button saying add list. Just click and your on your way. The popup is very simple. Just do your title and description. But I stress the part to pay attention to is right below this. It’s the public or private selection. For now just do private, and in the near future we will learn how most of your lists will be public. But again drill it into to yourself to carefully consider if said list should be public or private. But as I said over time 95 percent will be public, and of course you will have a few lists here and there for your own use.

Now once this is done save your list. Adding people to this list is very easy. Once you have setup your lists the easiests is to add people to every list you have directly on the person you would like to add’s page. It’s the third selection on the more interaction list right next to the follow button, and than from there you just pick which lists to add them to. After this point you can edit your list and list members directly from the list page.

For now let’s just stick with the fundamentals of creating a twitter lists and in coming posts I will expound on the various uses for these lists. Soon you will learn how they can be great for team interaction. Or these same team members if it’s a group of people that others love to follow and would love to see all there posts in one area they can follow your list directly. Amazing tools I’ve been using for years, and with very little work you will see the potential. As always I encourage question and interaction.

Thanks so much for your time

Presley Mitchell

4 thoughts to “The mystery and under utilization of Twitter Lists!!”

  1. Thanks for a starter on twitter. I don’t use twitter much personally, but know I need to use it more for my business, I look forward to learning more about how it works . Lists on twitter… who knew? 🙂

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