You Need To Get Uncomfortable In 2017 [VIDEO]

Disclaimer: I messed up today! I was all excited and ready to record on YouTube and was about half way through my talk and poof…..Forgot to hit ‘record’ on my camera. So I found a way to add the Periscope recording to the blog. It’s not YouTube but the recording is there….Please note, my Periscope recordings are usually a lot of mumblings and random talking lol Hope you still get some value from it!

The new year is upon us! Get ready for all the resolutions, all the talk about what people will change about their business over the next 12 months and a whole lot of promises of huge success. Want to know a little secret?

99% of the people that talk the great talk won’t be here in a year from now. They will have given up, blamed the government, gone broke, or simply didn’t have it in them to be an online entrepreneur.

Here’s a little relief from that scary statistic. If you want to truly have an epic 2017, you need to get comfortable with being VERY uncomfortable.

That’s a pretty simple visual aid to help you see where success is truly found…It’s outside of our comfort zone. That warm and fuzzy buffer we keep ourselves in to protect us from….

Finger pointing!

You know…All the things you NEED to be successful.

Let’s be brutally honest again, we are way to comfortable in our habits. We seem to be completely content with the status quo and fitting in, well it’s time for change.

Big change!

In 2017, before you make any resolutions, before you start telling the world everything you are going to do different, amke a promise to yourself first;

“Self, I will do EVERYTHING I can in 2017 to be uncomfortable!”

I will take chances. I’ll take some risks. I will invest in my personal growth and business….

And most importantly, I will NEVER be content with being average.

Happy new year and thank you so much for reading and being a part of the Plus 1 community this year. I can’t wait for 2017 to begin….

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