Your Network Is Your Net Worth [VIDEO]

Your network! Community, friends, family, associates, customers, partners…We might as well call it for what it is…The life blood of your business!

The funny thing about our networks is that we underestimate how powerful they are to our success. This is why I believe so much in not only being active daily around the social networks I frequent, but also staying in touch with our customers regularly through our auto responder.

But why?

Simple…Your network is your net worth! You may have heard this before but take an average of the 5 closest people you have in your life and if you average out all their incomes, yours will be smack dab in the middle of those 5. Try it. You’ll be shocked.

So here are 5 tips that have helped me, find bigger and better networks that can help me grow my income;

1. You Must Find Like Minded, Passionate People
– Nothing is more exciting than discussing business and success stories with people that have the same dreams and goals as you do. This is the first tip because without similar passions, let’s be honest, we are never going to work together and grow.

2. Add Value To People In Your Network – People generally want to be around others that are pleasant and add something to their lives. If you are a drain on resources and whine instead of generating a positive attitude, people will steer clear from you. When I got started online, I simply helped everyone I could. I wasn’t looking for money in return, I just wanted to be around people that were doing better than I was. And hopefully, if I added value to the relationship, they kept me around and I learned a thing or two in the process. This was HUGE in my growth and business!

3. Connect With 1 New Person A Day – Hopefully you’ve read Day 5 in Plus 1 Success, but if you have not this is front and center…Connect with someone new…Every day! You can do this with ease in 2016 through social media, online forums, Skype groups and so on. You need to find the congregations of like minded people and HANG OUT there every day. Meet someone new and see how you can add value to their lives and business!

4. Ask ‘What Can I Do For People’ Everyday! – Similar to adding value but this puts the relationship in their hands. You aren’t looking for anything, you are just looking to help. You take this approach to building a network and it will blow your mind how much people start valuing you. Go in every day asking..What can I do for you? Put other people before you and get ready to be amazed!

5. Building And Growing Through Achievements – A team that wins together, stays together! When I first got started my little network started ‘winning’ together and we grew from unknowns into very successful entrepreneurs. What’s funny is that 2 of these people in my original circle are actually my business partners to this day. When you start growing together, adding value to each other and putting the other people first, great things happen. And when those ‘great things’ start happening, people have better attitudes, more money is being made, and lives are changed…Together!

6 thoughts to “Your Network Is Your Net Worth [VIDEO]”

  1. Another awesome blog and video. I remember the days of Doug Williams and Cory Rudl (RIP to both of them). It was truly a great learning experience. I am also witness to the fact that Jon was out there in all the forums and various social settings (often creating “healthy debates”…lol); meeting people and adding value all these years. These tips Jon is providing are something many of us learned together and when applied consistently will make a huge impact in your business success online. It makes me proud when I look at how far Jon, Tim, Justin, Tony Tezak, Paul Kinder and many others have come from those early years; and enjoying being a part of this online community that continues to grow each day.

  2. Good show ….but let me ad a little contrarianism. to your thought process.

    Don’t limit yourself to like minded people it is one of the greatest ways to find failure.

    We all gravitate to people that motivate and seem to think alike. Problem is we often
    become comfortable, stagnant and then fail to look outside of what value each of us bring
    to the table. I learn just as much from the Winning Williams as I do from the Negative Nancy’s .

    Having a contrarian among the group is not a bad thing. A winning attitude does not have
    only one voice.

    One of the best way to grow and build yourself is by surrounding yourself with different people.

    Not to change their minds but to help yours .

    1. I think it’s a great thing to have different points of view, I’m more referring to that negative attitude that drags people down. That is what I wanna steer clear of lol

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