The New Game Plan For 2017 – Do Something! [VIDEO]

Ahhh the year is coming to a close, 2017 is right around the corner. Get ready folks, the new years resolutions will be soon upon us and while hoards of folks will be declaring THIS IS THE YEAR I WILL SUCCEED, I have another game plan for my ‘resolution’….

I’m going to try this anytime I come up with an idea for a blog post, a live stream, a show, a recording, a tweet, a facebook post….I’m just going to…Do it!

You see, I truly believe our laziness and procrastination are really the only things holding us back from greatness. It’s not some guru that controls the world. Or the government holding us back. It’s our own habits and lack of action.

Let’s try this in 2017. When you have an idea for your business, don’t just write it down and set a plan to accomplish it…Get working on it, immediately!

Now of course, a brand new business will take months if not years to see fully developed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t roll up your sleeves and actually DO SOMETHING positive for it. Go ahead…Do something!

We spend too much time on analysis paralysis and never get a thing accomplished because we’re worried about failure. We’re worried about what our peers might say or think. And we’re really worried that we won’t succeed. We truly are, our own worst enemies.

So while everyone will be declaring their resolutions on January 1st, I suggest we take it further…

I say we don’t just write about it and talk about it…We start being about it! Stop waiting for the stars to align to make your dreams a reality, because the truth is…YOU are the only one that will make it happen for you and your business. Stop waiting for perfection, it’ll never be found. Just start something today, and I guarantee you, your 2017 will be the best year of your life!

Note: I tried to do a video today on this topic, and I was so fired up for it. The problem was my little Timneh parrot didn’t want to sit still and was kind of taking over the recording. If you can see past the bird crawling all over me in the video, the message is there lol Let’s DO SOMETHING now for our businesses and dreams and stop waiting for the perfect time!

8 thoughts to “The New Game Plan For 2017 – Do Something! [VIDEO]”

  1. Cool bird! He was doing his “bird thing,” so that’s OK. Was interesting.

    What you said is absolutely correct. We were talking about that very thing at Mardox the other day.

    We need to “put our action where our talk is” and actually DO SOMETHING – just like you said.

    I hope folks will listen. The industry needs to wake up!

    Outstanding video Jon, like always!

    1. Thank you sir, appreciate the comments! Action is the only step we all should be focusing on, way too much talk, not enough doing!

  2. Every day, I work tirelessly to get new internet marketers to: READ WATCH DO!
    Very few get to the second; only a single percentage point make it into or out of the third.
    They tell me this requirement isn’t mentioned in the “Overnight Success!” model.

  3. That’s true Jon people are very lazy. But what might also hold them back is lack of self confidence and not thinking they can do anything. I started reading the book Be Obsessed or Be Average and it’s awesome! It is also very positive and I am very happy about that. That’s what I need.

    I had a great time watching Mookie climbing down your shirt! She has very beautiful coloring! I laughed a lot. That is something else I needed too. Thanks Jon 🙂

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