New To Crypto? Ask Yourself These 2 Questions…

I learned a valuable lesson when I jumped back into the crypto world…

Caught up in the hype of 2017 and early 2018, I dove into everything. If you remember the HODL challenges @richardtaylor and myself took part in, you’ll see records of buying pretty much…

Anything that has green signals!

It was bad…I thought I did my homework by simply reading some white papers and checking out the projects’ road map. Seemed legit, everything was pumping back then!

But a few months into 2018, I calmed down. Mostly because I knew this bull run was too good to be true, but more importantly…I had NO idea what these projects really stood for.

I need to see, actual use cases.

So this is the time I stopped dumping money into everything and anything I could and focused on projects I actually understood.

I decided, this was the best bet for my portfolio in crypto…

BTC – bitcoin
LTC – litecoin
BNB- binance coin
BAT – basic attention token
STEEM – ummmm steem coin??? lol

Simple. And I could explain each project to my mom…Which is huge. If she could understand it, I knew it made sense lol

Obviously, I focused on STEEM…Mostly because I used it. Every. Single. Day!

I was blogging. Vlogging. Streaming. Building. Growing…This was the perfect project for me. It fit me like a glove.

The only projects I dove into, made sense but STEEM was my baby. And unlike more popular saying in the investment world…I was emotionally attached to it.

So there is a little pump going on right now…

Everyone is super excited about Bitcoin going over $9000…Meanwhile STEEM sits around 40 cents.

And you know what?

I’m fine with it. Simply because…Price be damned.

I USE this stuff. I see all the work being done on this blockchain and I’m as bullish as ever. I’ve said over the year and a bit that I’ve been on STEEM…If you see the value of STEEM at 4 bucks, you HAVE to see the HUGE value at 40 cents.

And that has not changed.

Sure there are people that will take money from STEEM, power down and jump into other projects and that’s fine. They are free to do that…

Me myself?

I’m sticking to what I see and what I know.

There is simply no better project anywhere on any other blockchain….From Steem-Engine to PAL, to @threespeak to #Seven77 ….You just can’t beat STEEM!

So my advice to anyone that is new to the blockchain and crypto space…And with bitcoin at 9k, you know there will be new people coming on board….Ask yourself these simple few questions before investing your time and money into any project…

1. Do you understand it and can you explain it to your mom?
2. Can you use the token / coin…Right now?

Those two questions always seem to come up with the same answer for me…

It’s a no brainer…The easy answer is STEEM!


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