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Newsflash…I Love Email Marketing!!! [VIDEO]

Email marketing! I kid you not, I have never been so excited for the massive opportunity it presents marketers across the globe.

I’m going to try to ‘slow down and control my excitement’ to show you how one little nugget transformed the way I thought about building a business online using the bare minimum marketing tools…

So I’m reading this book called The Circle of Profit by Anik Singal. If you don’t know who Anik is, he’s pretty much a guru to the guru’s in internet marketing. He’s been a leader for almost two decades and a guy that loves building mailing lists as much as yours truly. I’m not going to get too much into the book because I’ll be doing a review of it later this week but I wanted to touch on a point he made…

When getting started online, Anik looked into franchises. The problem was…For a top tiered franchise, you are looking at minimum $100k to a million dollars just to get started. Even a lowered tiered franchise could have a start up price tag of around $25,000….And that’s just to get..STARTED!

There had to be another way right?

This is a familiar story to lots of new internet marketers, myself included. I had minimal start up capital but I had passion and whole lot of drive!

That’s why I wrote The Pizza Plan so many years ago because I wanted to show people…You can build a thriving internet marketing business, that focused on list building and relationship building, for under $75 a month.

Think of that….

Really really stop and think about the HUGE potential we all have to find a niche or passion that we want to talk about daily and then get PAID to do it…All for under $75 a month.

That fires me up!

Now of course it’s not as simple as just saying to your self, I want to build a list and make money but the genesis of that idea is. Simply do the following;

1. Find A Niche You Are Passionate About
2. Develop A Unique Lead Generating Product
3. Build The Relationships With Your List Over Time

Simple. 3 steps but it doesn’t happen overnight….

I’m living proof that this works as to are the thousands of other successful internet marketers around the globe….The only thing stopping you from achieving the same or better results is…You!

There is no longer a $25,000 entry fee to become a success!

5 thoughts to “Newsflash…I Love Email Marketing!!! [VIDEO]”

  1. Thank you for this blog and video Jon! Spot on for sure! I remember this comparison of investing in a franchise and what it cost compared to starting your own business that you can operate out of your home in our primary business training. Also the point you made about investing in yourself. I can’t remember when you first said it but it has stuck in my mind and I did it. Kore4 was the biggest, but turned out to be the best, but also the List building tool Rocket Responder. Following up with my list and developing relationships has exponentially continues to pay me back way more than my ongoing investment. Learning never stops. Investing in ones self should never stop! And the rewards will continue to exceed your expectations. 😀

    1. Absolutely man, it never stops…It can’t or else we never grow. Thanks so much for the comments and the kind words sir, appreciate it very much!

    1. It’s pretty cool. Love the focus on building your list first but also Anik’s story. Always cool to read internet marketing history.

  2. Hi Jon The Pizza Plan is awesome. More of the world needs to know about it! I’m happy you are discussing it even though it’s not a new product. In fact, the older products that have been around a while are the best products to invest in. They know what they are talking about. 🙂

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