No Limits by John C. Maxwell [Book Review]

I guess it should come as no surprise, that when I heard of John C. Maxwell’s new book No Limits I literally stopped what I was doing and picked it up…Here’s the photo as proof lol

john c. maxwell no limits

Yeah I’m a HUGE John C. Maxwell fan. In fact one entire shelf in my personal library is dedicated to the man. He’s my go-to guy when it comes to leadership and personal growth.

No Limits addresses capacity and how we can increase in everything we do.

The book is broken up into 3 parts Awareness, Ability and Choices. Each chapter within the individual sections goes over traits and skills we can increase to as John says, blow the cap off our capacity.

The best thing about John C. Maxwell books (other than they are filled with great advice) is the way he writes. He breaks each chapter down into points which as easy to understand and follow. It’s not written for expert scholars, it’s written as if he’s in the room teaching you each step of the way. I really appreciate that about John and his books, which means I’m always getting huge value from his work.

No Limits digs deep in self-evaluation so that we challenge ourselves to grow. And sometimes, these areas of growth aren’t some of our favorites. For example, when John discusses Emotional Capacity in chapter 4, I had quite a few humbling moments. This showed me how much more I could grow in this vital ability for increasing my capacity.

So while some chapters made me really ask myself if I was doing everything I could to grow, other chapters had me grinning from ear to ear. Anytime John starts talking about journaling and note taking, I really perk up. One of the biggest joys for me when it comes to reading is when I find an awesome quote, or message in what I’m reading…If you have ever read a John C. Maxwell book, you know they are filled with those!

John C. Maxwell No Limits book

No Limits was an awesome read. And while Winning With People is still my all time favorite Maxwell book, this is right up there with a book everyone dedicated to personal growth should have on their book shelf!

5 thoughts to “No Limits by John C. Maxwell [Book Review]”

    1. Yeah man, it’s a really good book. A fantastic reminder for things we may already know but seem to ‘slack’ in.

    1. Something John talks about in this book and others is living ‘intentionally’…Meaning, if you want to read, pick a time each day and focus on it. Your decisions are yours, no one elses. So for me, I make sure, I’m intentionally growing every day…I slot a time every day, to make sure I do nothing but sit down and read.

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