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Hey guys and gals!!

This has been a conversation drifting around many skype rooms on and off, and thought I would open it up for discussion here. No better place IMHO.

For the most part we are in the business of networking, in one way or another. That could be running our own business, highlighting a skill or talent, or most certainly network marketing. This being the case why is an industry built on communication and exchange of ideas attracting so many anti-social individuals. Generally it seems so many are afraid to interact with one another.

I suppose it could stem from people thinking just by throwing up a website and a few splash pages people will come running. I wish it still was the early days of the web and by being first to the punch you could get people to take notice, but that’s just not the case. You have to stand out from the crowd.

We all know of the various ways to do this. Video, snazzy pages that grab attention, etc. But I really think people have missed the boat on this one.

The best way to stand out in a industry built on “word of mouth” is to use your mouth. That’s right still the most effective form of advertising despite all the modern spit and shine. It’s all designed to start a point of contact, a discussion.

Now there’s nothing wrong with these various tools and methods to initiate a conversation, and to grab someone’s attention to do so. But maybe this is what makes so many people shy away from our industry. We have many people that love to “help” newbies, but perhaps we should slow our roll a bit. Everyone is so quick to say you need this that and the other thing. Splash this, list that, and 20 other things new people have no concept of. To us it’s old hat, but for a beginner it’s daunting and our over-enthusiasm can be counter productive. Let’s just get back to the basic conversation.

Additionally those that weathered the onslaught of all this well natured advice and do many of the things that are preached at them still do not have one of the most basic skill sets. Good old fashion communication. I bet if I visited the average skype room today the average course of the discourse would be the same old people pretty much saying the same old stuff. Some fun and some hi and bye. A rather short conversation on the “topic” of the moment, and other various ramblings. I think you get the idea. Where are the new people guided and molded? Shoot in many rooms new people or those with contrary thoughts are either ignored or downright ridiculed. It’s like the people in the upper echelon of a communication based business don’t have the inclination to take five minutes of their lives to establish contact, but I bet they are the first to complain and blame fifty other reasons for the stagnation of their respective industry or business.

Okay those are specific skype rooms for specific companies and industries so maybe I’m going too far. Surely “social media” is full of these owners and members having great conversations and welcoming those that reach out to them. I mean it’s in the name of the medium! Sadly no, unfortunately most practice the art of anti-social media. Very few even acknowledge those that “follow” them. This doesn’t mean following back, it just means oh hey I noticed you noticing me. Easy peasy, just say hi. For the love of all that’s simple and good, can people in the industry atleast say hi to those that reach out to you?? LoL, I know it sounds simplistic but most don’t do this. Frankly it’s frustrating. I won’t even go into how most people’s feed are just daily blasts of go here to give me money and that’s it. No interaction, no content, no sense of how social media works.

Now I’m not saying you have to say hi individual to ever person the second they reach out to you. Just one message with a quick message of “all” those that followed you with there name mixed with others atleast show that you notice. Now you will benefit the more personal and genuine this acknowledgement seems, but even the mass message of those that connected with you would be a massive improvement on what they are doing now. Another easy thing to do is just go randomly through your followers and pick say five a day and just say hi. Or I was just wandering around social media and noticed that cool pic you posted, or wow you like that video too? All this will do is initiate a “conversation” and get them interested in you and than eventually in what you do and offer, and after all in the end isn’t that what we are all trying to do is to get people to notice us from the crowd and take advantage of our services??

So the next time your designing you next attention grabbing advert, why not take a few minutes and explore those you already can speak with and just notice them. A conversation a day can keep the bill collector away.

And if you must please comment below and let’s start a conversation about, or if you must reach out to me on “social media” and if I have time I might speak with you, lol.

Hey I’m just saying 🙂



4 thoughts to “No more anti-social in a social industry”

  1. Fantastic Article Presley, The Conversation and Social elements are missing from our Social Media Conversations. We need to more active in being social and having conversations with people.

    1. Thanks appreciate that Rahul.

      I know right. I mean isn’t it insanity that the convo and social is missing from “Social” media. It’s in the name for goodness sakes 🙂

      Couldn’t agree more.

      As always appreciate your contribution.

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