no shortcuts

No Shortcuts

So you wanna make some big life changes? Are you sure?

What I’m about to dive into isn’t just limited to entrepreneurs! And it’s a bit on the ‘personal side’…

You see, we live in the age of ‘instant results‘.

We don’t wanna sit in a kitchen and cook dinner for an hour…We want 30 minute delivery!

Of course, we want the sexy Instagram body…But never want to actually put in the work at the gym!

And alas…We want the 6 figure internet business…Yet still haven’t mastered to make 10 bucks online!

Microwave society….

We want it now! And we want it fast!

I’ve struggled with this in many areas of my life…As you can tell, I’m always making excuses on @thejonolsonproject if you follow me there…

“I can’t get back into running and walking…”

“Urgh, I just can’t seem to break out of this rut…”

“I feel so down that I didn’t hit 5000 steps with @Actifit…”

All the excuses in the world…Instead of getting my rear end up and actually putting in the work.

Or how about something as simple as…Cooking a meal for my family!

Urgh the thought of being in a hot kitchen and making something my kids might never eat…Forget that! It’s McDonalds or Pizza tonight!

Do you see what both of these habits have done….

Obviously, I’m not the picture of health and these decisions I make daily…Are killing me from the inside.

I look at this massive mountain of weight I need to lose, and habits I need to change and….I make excuses!

Here’s the hard truth…No one is coming to save you and do the work for you!

Same thing goes for some many people in business too…

Oh they see the flashy social media pictures of a 20-something internet marketing guru…Sailing around the world. Living a care free life…And you say to yourself…

“Why can’t I do that?”

So you jump into the most exciting opportunity you can find online, spend a small fortune with the hopes of striking it rich in 30 days or less.

Guess what happens?

You guessed it…Excuses, giving up and feeling like a failure.

No matter what area of our lives we seem to WANT something, we start coming up with excuses and never having the patience to see things through…

Please note, this is therapy for me as I write, because I’m pointing the finger directly at myself…And while I don’t ‘give up’ when it comes to business…I tend to make a TON of excuses in other areas of my life.

Lose weight Jon!!!

Nope, I want that extra serving of Mac N’ Cheese!

Here’s it is folks….

There are ZERO shortcuts in anything worth having in life!


Absolutely no shortcuts at all….And sadly, a lot of businesses prey on people who want the easy button! They want to quick fix and keep telling themselves…This time it’ll be different.

Like I said, this is therapy for me because I need to make some changes…Maybe we all do….?

For me, I have to put my health as a priority and keep telling myself…There are no shortcuts. Period.

Do I have a solution to make ‘this time’ different?

I believe it’s your reason why….You need to remember why you are on this planet and who you matter to.

For me…It’s my kids. My wife. Because they are worth it!

Time to shut up and put up!

Big changes are ahead…..!



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