Now…Is The Time!

Sometimes, I don’t think we realize how important a blockchain like HIVE will be…

I saw this tweet from @theycallmedan a few days ago…And it became a rallying cry for my tribe @clicktrackprofit

We spoke about this tweet at our weekly seminar because….Our content MATTERS right now!

You see…This is a big part of everything we teach at ClickTrackProfit.

But it reaches so further than just our little side of the ‘interwebs.’

I was scrolling Twitter again tonight and found a long time member of ClickTrackProfit and content creator absolutely thrilled with what he’s been able to accomplish on HIVE in only a week…

This is Barry. (@barrylangdon on HIVE)

Barry is a really good dude that I’ve met in real life a few years ago. I’ve known him for years and he’s adopted creating daily content for what he loves!

He’s put up a bunch of YouTube videos, a number of blog posts and went the traditional route when it comes to content creation…

Then he discovered the blockchain….

Barry represents the passionate content creator. He may not have 10,000 followers and millions of page views but he’s got a passion…And loves what he does.

Now with a blockchain like HIVE, he feels like his content has value. I’m not saying that he would have ‘stopped’ creating on HIVE tomorrow if he didn’t get some healthy upvotes from the community…But boy oh boy, did it ever help!


This is what HIVE represents!

The chance for content creators to feel VALUED and on their path to building their brand….Get the support they need within this community.

A simple upvote to these creators can mean the world to them!

And right now it’s important to support content creators like Barry…

Heck, if you are beginning your content creation journey NOW IS THE TIME to get active.

Keep creating!

Keep engaging!

And keep supporting each other!

There is no guarantee that HIVE will become the ‘next’ Facebook. Or the next big thing in social media…But it HAS the opportunity to do big things…

And if we want to be the pioneers of this platform, now is the time to create.

Supporting each other right now is so important…Let’s see where we can take this HIVE thing 😉

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