Now Let’s Go Make Some Real Noise….

Watch out….Here’s more HIVE specific content…

I really want to focus more on content surrounding bridging the gap between my online business and HIVE. As we’ve seen, there is plenty of HIVE specific content already being talked about here. And I get it, we’re excited and fired up for what the future will hold…

But there is something I want to hit on before I abandon my HIVE fanboy-isms for the month… 🙂

I was reading a post by @runicar today where he talked about getting on Twitter and bragging about HIVE!

You see, this is something we saw over the past few years that has been something no other blockchain even comes close to…

We saw it with legends like @NathanMars as he empowered and supported an entire community to jump on board Twitter and share their journey on the ‘old blockchain’…

Next we saw the entire community rally while the divide between the old blockchain and HIVE grew. Huge thanks goes out to everyone that has championed this blockchain and shared HIVE on social media! I believe together we have shown the crypto world that this movement was bigger than anything else in the blockchain space…

However over the past few weeks I’ve seen engagement on something as important as Twitter, go down…

To me, this is the worst time to STOP bragging about HIVE!

And yeah, the old blockchain is doing plenty of suspect moves and we’ve all seen nothing but drama and censorship take place….However I believe, in my heart of hearts, that this is the time to show the world…How awesome HIVE is!

Look, no one is coming to save this blockchain or promote it…We must do it! We built it and continue to build it so it’s up to us…To be raving fans of what we have here.

Share it with the world, use those hashtags…


Heck, go take one peek into the amazing creative assets that the members of the community have built in the HIVE Discord (check hive-assets)

Use them!!!!

Now is the time!

I have spoken about this for years in my online business, but I think the same advice holds true here…If we want to attract the right people (investors, developers, users) we need to become raving fans of our own products and dApps.

It’s amazing what HIVE has accomplished in such a short time, check out the latest rankings on to see…


But it’s no time to slow down now…!

Keep bragging about this blockchain on social media, and we will show the world how amazing this place can be.

It’s up to us!

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