O Great One! by David Novak (Book Review)

Early last week I saw a Tweet from Tony Robbins…He was recommending O Great One! A new book by Yum Brands! former CEO David Novak on the testimonial from Ken Blanchard. Safe to say, when both Tony and Ken are recommending that you read something, I usually jump at that sign…


This book did not disappoint and I’m guaranteed to follow any more recommendations those men make LOL

Written as a parable, it follows a real world example of how David used the power of recognition during his time with Yum Brands! It follows the story of ‘Jeff’ who is the new CEO of the Happy Face Toy Company which mission statement was to ‘put a smile on every child’s face’. Safe to say, business hasn’t been booming and that’s where we see Jeff try to right the ship.

Instead of sales and marketing and growth strategies, he starts to use a method that was actually introduced to him by his grandchild called OGO – O Great One! This method was simple, yet so effective….Simply RECOGNIZE people in your organization and life and make sure they are highlighted. David’s argument in this short story is that nothing beats recognition to fire up the creative spirits of a company and we see it within the Happy Face Toy Company.


Gradually people start to see the real world practices of recognition and start to turn the ship around. At first, people thought it was silly, but as time goes by Jeff’s plan works and the company starts pulling in big profits. All from the power of it’s people and the MASSIVE power of recognition.

This book really hit a chord with me simply because I truly believe business is not ‘complicated’. When we put people first, great things happen and there is nothing more powerful in business than inspired people. I’ve seen this hold true in my own life and cannot agree more with the concpets of OGO!


This is great book and very easy to read because of it’s story format. You’ll really enjoy it and keep asking yourself…Am I doing enough to recognize the people on my team and in my circle?

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Edit: Congrats to Kent Faver! Your book has been ordered from Amazon and is on the way!

8 thoughts to “O Great One! by David Novak (Book Review)”

  1. Hi Jon thanks! A Great book review and unique concept of the OGO strategy. People should be put before profits. And like you say the profits will come later. It looks like an awesome book to read. I love it! I shared on twitter with the hashtag. 🙂

  2. tweeted with #Plus1DailyBookReviews
    I know the principle works because the “employee of the month” was popular at many of the companies I have worked for through the years… currently working to get big enough to HAVE employees….

  3. I always enjoy your book suggestions. You’ve suggested a couple of books that have been excellent. The best by far and away was a couple years ago (now) and I’m sure you’ve suggested since was Seth Godin Purple Cow. I have read this one several times and still refer to it today.

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