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It’s O.K., You Are Going To Suck! [VIDEO]

Quick story about my high school life…

I was the world’s worst student when I was in high school. Not really a unique story when you think of all the things teenagers go through while growing up but let’s just say, I was….Not a fan of the education system.

It took me 8 years to graduate high school because I dropped out at least twice. I rarely if ever found any subjects that I enjoyed and the best memories I ever had was my friend Blair and I skipping auto class in the morning to hang out in his car and listen to music while smoking some ‘you know what’……O.K. never mind that last bit…

Point being, I had a rough time in high school but finally did graduate.

One of the worst subjects I ever studied was english. It was…Really hard for me. Reading books like Lord of Flies (while it might be a classic) bored me to death and learning proper sentence structure and all that jazz, I dunno, just wasn’t my thing.

Fast forward to present day…

I’ve been writing blogs since 2003, doing about 2-3 posts at minimum a week. I write emails almost daily to our mailing lists. And I have even published a book which remains to this day, 10 years after publication, the best selling book on Amazon about traffic exchanges (and still the only book on Amazon about traffic exchanges lol)

So to think I was ‘skilled’ at writing when I started would be the biggest joke in history. I sucked!

In fact, most people would probably read some of my articles and say I still suck! But that isn’t going to stop me…And it shouldn’t stop you.

I’m reading a brand new book by Russell Brunson called Expert Secrets. Russell is the guru of the gurus when it comes to internet marketing and someone I have admired and watched for a decade. This guy knows his stuff better than anyone out there and there was a funny quote I wanted to share with you in the book that is so perfect for today’s blog post:

“No matter what you do in the beginning, it’s going to suck because you suck! But you’ll get better and you’ll suck less. And as you keep doing this eventually you’ll suck so little that you’ll actually be good!”

Russell quoted his friend Garret White with that and while it’s kinda funny and even vulgar to read at first…You start to see how true it is!

We are going to be HORRIBLE at what we first start focusing on. It’s going to be painful. We will learn a lot and fail even more. But the more we show up every day (& Plus 1) , the better we become. We become experts in our craft, not because of our stellar track record in high school, but because we are persistent. We are learning every day and becoming comfortable in our passion.

I never grew up saying to myself I was going to be a writer, but it’s something I love doing now. And everyday, I’m trying to add value through this blog and get better…Each and every day!

Wanna copy of Russell’s new book? Check it out…It’s free!

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