It’s O.K. To Be Open & Vulnerable [VIDEO]

Vulnerable – To be susceptible to physical or emotional attack or harm!

Urgh….Who would want that?

That sounds nasty and something we as human beings would run away from as fast as we could. But did you want to know a secret about online business and personal success…Being open and vulnerable is actually something we should embrace.

Over the years, I have learned a few things. The first being that people don’t want perfection. They don’t want to learn and do business from someone who looks ‘too perfect’. In fact, it’s something we should actually try to avoid because when you appear too perfect, it scares off potential business. And let’s be honest…No one is…Perfect.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do everything in our power to provide value, great content and superior services / products…It just means that it’s ok to show people, that you are human.

I did this at the genesis of the Plus 1 project so many years ago. My partner and I decided that we would get on camera, each and every day to just hang out with our customers and clients. There was no script, no suit and tie presentation, just a couple of guys hanging out. Our customers loved it. They saw the real ‘Jon’ and saw that he was…A failure at time. A passionate guy all the time. A lover of personal growth. A fan of certain sports teams. And an angry guy from time to time.

I was…Real.

What they saw, was what they got. A dude that would buy them a drink if we ever met offline, and someone who loves what he did for a living.

I was vulnerable! Because there was so many things I wasn’t doing ‘properly‘ as some others in business would argue. They would say I should be dressed up in a suit if I was to get on camera. I should prepare a professional presentation and not just ‘hang out’. I was screw up and fail live on camera and that was just not acceptable for a professional.

Yup, there was a whole lot of finger pointer and there still is…But you know what, it built relationships with my customers that I still have to this day. Sure I don’t attract everyone I could , the difference is I’m attracting the RIGHT people.

And that’s what being vulnerable means…It means showing your warts and all for the world to either accept and embrace, or go in another direction. You will attract the right people for the right reasons when you are o.k. in your own skin!

14 thoughts to “It’s O.K. To Be Open & Vulnerable [VIDEO]”

  1. I can’t wait for my Jim Rohn books package myself, Jon! 🙂 It takes longer to get here, I suppose. I think his best quality was to say great truths in a simple manner. I also like the way he talked, how he delivered his message, he was a great TEACHER.

    1. Agreed. I’m looking forward to diving in. I’ve listened to a lot of his seminars and talks, but have not yet read his books.

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