Be Obsessed Or Be Average by Grant Cardone [Book Review]

In January, I made a post about the 3 best books I read last year. One of them was from sales expert and ultra-successful business man Grant Cardone called the 10x Rule. This book changed the way I was looking at business and it kept challenging me to look at my own efforts and business practices.

I’m a big fan of Grant’s. I’ve been following him for quite some time now whether it’s through social media, purchasing some of his amazing books or on his amazing app My GC Tv…This guy is non-stop and just oozes passion and purpose.

He’s been promoting his latest book Be Obsessed Or Be Average lately and as soon as I saw it in the local book store I grabbed it and added it to my success library.

This book is jam packed with in-your face advice for any sales professional, entrepreneur or start up hustler. What’s so fun about this book is that Grant KNOWS he’s over the top. Grant absolutely embraces his haters and nay sayers and that actually fuels him. His opinion, if you aren’t on my team…Get out of the way and watch what I will create.

I truly believe this message should be promoted around the world. We need more people like Grant that aren’t afraid to do things his way.

As for the book, the focal point is about being obsessed with your business and work. Grant describes some of his trials and failures but how his obsession to greatness got him through all that was in his way. This guy is self made in every sense of the word. The disease of America and the world for that matter, as Grant argues, is that we have all settled for average. Average job. Average life. And an average salary.

We can be better. We can be bigger.

But it’s not up to the government, your teachers, your family or your employer to see it happen…It’s all on YOU!

grant cardone book

This book is so inspiring and makes you want to get up and change everything about your business. It’s filled with awesome quotes and takeaways that you can use today to inspire not only yourself, but everyone around you as well.

A must read for everyone in business and a fantastic addition to any personal success library!

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Update: Special congrats to Barb Delgiudice for winning a copy of the book! Thanks for taking part Barb, I know you will enjoy it.

7 thoughts to “Be Obsessed Or Be Average by Grant Cardone [Book Review]”

  1. Hi Jon – read and shared with hashtag

    Sound like a good book. I think I would have trouble being obsessed with myself and business. I am humble and am always thinking of others. But some obsession to greatness would surely help. 🙂

    1. Yeah the important thing is about service….You are in business to serve your customers. Think it like that, then it’s easy to become obsessed 🙂

  2. Hey Barb
    I would argue that being “obsessed about your business and your work” is exactly that – “humble and am always thinking of others”

    Good businesses, generally, thrive simply because they put people first and exceed their expectations as often as possible. Profits follow that, hopefully!

    I try to live every minute of my life and deal with everyone I know as though they are a customer – friends and family included. Always have since adolescence when I started to understand business and first really formed my ideas on what life is about. Messed up the family bit of life but I think I got the service ethic right!

    Maybe that helps you, maybe something there will click with someone, and they’ll get obsessed too and do cool things. who knows.

    I don’t read loads of books like Jon (I used to), but I get a LOT from reading a very select few in recent years. Jon is actually a great filter for me that way, I respect his opinion. This is one book I’m definitely going to get.

    Thanks for the tip Jon.

    1. Hi Paul Great point! You are right. I am obsessed with being humble, thinking of others and helping them. Plus I need to help myself. None of us would not be good at helping others if we were not good at helping ourselves. Right? I must have been thinking of being obsessed as only a negative thing. Thanks for the enlightenment Paul!

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