Oh My! He’s BACK!

Welcome, my friends, to the show that never ends!  Step inside, step inside  . . .

Thought I was gone, did you?  You should be so lucky!  Like the proverbial penny, I just keep coming back.

Some of you that know me, have listened to my ramblings on Blab.im, or read the Plus1 Skype posts know that I am currently involved in an offline business development venture.  Almost seven years ago, I literally stumbled across an idea that would only become more intriguing over time.  One that would today, be the focus of a new business soon to become a reality.

So, what does this all have to do with you?  Why am I asking you to join me here?  Will little Johnny get that needed 3D printer to fulfill his global domination strategy?  Read on to find out!

Once, I was young . . .

As I celebrate my 60th birthday today, July 1, it is hard to imagine that yes, I too, was once young!

However, I don’t consider myself old, either.  I am beginning a new path on this journey of life, by looking back on those once traveled.  Some were better than others, but along each path, I learned valuable lessons and skills that have allowed me to -arrive- where I am today.

EVERYONE reading this has traveled down their own respective path(s) in life.  Perhaps, in some small way, having a discussion about the difficulties we have overcome can help prepare us to meet the new challenges we have yet to encounter.

Back to the past, to find the future

I ask that you join me as I travel into the past to explain the future.  How do you find that -passion- that leads you to, and down, that new path?  What does it take to prepare for that journey?  How did YOU come to where you are today?

To that end, allow me to welcome you to . . .

The Farm!

What is The Farm?

A farm is where you -grow- things!

Where you plant the seeds that, over time, develop into a harvest of ideas, concepts, and sound practices to follow.  Ones that enable you to begin, and continue, on the journey.  Where the efforts of the few can benefit the many.

Just as you prepare the soil on a farm to plant the seeds, you do the same in every aspect of life.  Build that foundation that will carry you forward.  This will be the discovery of not only some of the basics of business itself – but how we can continue to develop our own path(s) to follow.

As in nature, there is a diverse group here using many different ways to find the fruits of their labors.  And, like on the farms and ranches I grew up on, the more that -shared- in the ways to grow the best crop, the easier it became.

Are you ready to play in the dirt, do a little work, and grab life’s journey by the — umm — horns (yeah, that’s what I meant!), and develop the skills to grow that record-breaking crop?   By working TOGETHER, everyone can have that opportunity!

But, what about little Johnny?

You have to follow along to find out!

In a way, though, we are all Johnny.  Seeking that 3D printer (the tools) to build our future.

Life on The Farm is what WE make of it.  Let’s rock this!


With Sincere Thanks

Richard Taylor

“The only limits we have are those you impose upon yourself. Remove the limits!”

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