Olson You Fat F#@K….!!!

I’ve done some pretty silly things in my lifetime…

One of those, is becoming an entrepreneur LOL

I mean, this is such a great job. I get to pick my own hours. Work as long as I want. Build my dreams. And help others realize their potential.

It’s a pretty sweet gig!

However there is something I learned from one of my mentors years ago that has helped my journey immensely…And I’m going to paraphrase the conversation I had with him…

Mentor: How many members do you have in your membership site?

Me: Around 30,000 give or take.

Mentor: Sweet so you are making around 30k a month then… (1 dollar per month per member was the going rate back in the day lol)

Me: Oh man, not even close…Maybe 300 bucks a month!

Mentor: Dude…Seriously? We need to work on that! Ok, here’s another question…How many hate mails are you getting a day?

Me: Huh? Umm, none…

Mentor: There’s your problem…If you aren’t pissing someone off, you aren’t doing your job very well!

That was the biggest slap in the face I had ever heard when it came to building businesses online…I’m SUPPOSED to get hate mail? People are supposed to dislike what I’m doing?

This didn’t make any sense….

Basically the advice goes like this…Stop trying to please everyone. It’ll drive you nuts. And if people start throwing you under the bus, that means they see something in you they WANT to see in themselves.

Or as Theodore Roosevelt famously said….

(Screenshot from Goodreads.com)

Get. Our. Asses. Kicked…Everyday!

That’s the goal of an entrepreneur because it kinda toughens us up. And I miss it…

Seriously, over the past 2 years…No one has really…Thrown me under the bus LOL And I’m not used to that because years ago around the time I heard that advice from my mentor…I was being called every name in the book LOL

It’s not that I was going around looking for trouble. I was cocky at times and a prick I’m sure…But at the end of the day, all I wanted to do was see everyone in my business win!

And it’s still my goal to this day.

If you are reading this blog…All I want is for you to win. And win big in life and business!

So imagine my surprise when I was closing up shop last night and go this gem in my inbox…

There was a whole lot more name calling and jabs thrown at me but I think you get the general idea…This guy was a raving fan of mine 🙂

At first…

I was taken back. I wasn’t used to this kind of message in my inbox these days…

But then I remembered….The wise words from a former U.S. President and my mentor from years past….

This is what we ‘want’ to see every now and again.

Doesn’t mean we should be happy that people call us every name in the book…However the point is, we are OUT THERE. In the arena. Getting our asses kicked everyday.

And it’s extremely easy to point fingers and tell others how bad they are doing at life…

That’s a spectator sport….

We do it all the time to celebrities, sports stars and famous people. Because they are easy targets. They are ‘out there’.

However the real courage of being an entrepreneur is to welcome the criticism. Expect it. Receive it. Flip it into motivational fire power. (And turn it into content of course lol)

People are just people. We all have things we are going through. No one knows the path you have taken to get to this point…

Don’t take it too personal and look at it as a badge of honor when you start getting the hate flung at you…

Because that means you are doing something right 😉



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