One Feature I’d Love To See On STEEM (Heck, It Might Already Exist….?)

I joined the STEEM blockchain on December 7th 2017…Yup, right when everything was headed to the moon in crypto 😉

I had heard about STEEM around this time last year, but didn’t dive in and get an account until December. Not sure why but I have no regrets…I’m so grateful I joined when I did!

And part of my game plan when I first got started was to learn everything I could, engage with the community and share valuable content with people on STEEM. I came in, as a blank slate…I didn’t know a single person on STEEM, and I was a complete noob.

Heck, in fact I still consider myself a noob at this stuff and enjoy learning each and everyday!

Part of my ‘noob-ness’ is lacking knowledge on all the features of the blockchain. I’m grateful for guys like @brandonfrye and @exyle who help newer Steemians learn the in’s and out’s of the blockchain…There is so much to learn and every day I seem to discover new potential for STEEM and it’s apps.

One of the biggest attractions I have to STEEM is it’s social media component. And some of the things I enjoy about ‘other’ social media platforms pop up here from time to time. One feature I can’t find here on STEEM is an at mention…

Now before I go any further…If this feature exists, I apologize because like I said…I’m still learning and who knows if this feature DOES exist already.

But I would love to see when people ‘mention‘ me and if this exists, where can I find it?

I’m a huge believer in engagement on the blockchain!

And I think if people knew they were being mentioned, it would allow them to keep track of others and continue the discussions with them.

It’s one of the best parts of Twitter….


In this I can see who followed me, Tweeted me, engaged with me and mentioned me…Man oh man, would something like this be AWESOME for STEEM!

Now again, this may already exist…If it does, apologies for my ignorance.

But if it doesn’t…What a great way to add more value to the blockchain…If we could see who engages with us easily without having to fight for that information, that would allow us to engage and keep the communication lines open…

So while I know we don’t want to model ourselves after Twitter and Facebook, it would be nice to add some similar features that can help us network and engage with more followers…

Just my thoughts, what do you think?

(Or better yet…If this exists, can someone show me where….)

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