One Hour Marketing by Herman Pool [Book Review]

I saw this book the other day when I was in the local book store and while I’ve been ‘marketing’ for almost two decades now I have been going through a renaissance of sorts. The industry I’m involved in is going through a rough time and this book caught my attention…Why?

Sometimes, we don’t know everything we THINK we know so it’s important to not only refresh our minds but also learn new things in the process.

One Hour Marketing by Herman Pool is a brilliant short book on my favorite topic of all time…Marketing.

And while this book doesn’t talk about marketing mixes, 4 P’s and demographic studies…It talks about breaking your marketing down into simple steps that can generate huge results in today’s day and age.

Herman writes 8 short and information packed chapters that covers everything from how to get a proper mindset before stepping into the marketing arena to developing a solid game plan using the tools available at your disposal.

He touches on the old marketing funnel and AIDA formula (for all you old school marketing mavericks…lol)

one hour marketing herman pool book

However the bulk of Herman’s message centers around the ‘Customer Lifecycle’ which he argues is the proper way to conduct any marketing in 2016.

one hour marketing book herman pool

I couldn’t agree more.

This model is as flawless as it gets with delivering huge value many times over AFTER you have completed a sale. Herman argues that the true power in marketing is the continued relationship with your customers after you make the sale.

In previous marketing history, the funnel ended at the sale. You created awareness to build interest and desire…but after the sale was made the relationship ended.

This hurts so many marketers and businesses in today’s day and age. This lesson itself is worth the price of the book.

Overall, One Hour Marketing is an enjoyable short read and something that should be on every online marketer / advertisers book shelf. This is a message that is critical to success in 2016 and beyond…

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