One Post At A Time, Build A Better Blog [VIDEO]

I love to blog! Seriously, it’s an addiction. I remember years ago Rich Taylor told me this one little nugget that stuck with me for so many years. He said it like this…Stick with something you love to do, for 10 years and you’ll be laughing.

Well I love online business. I love to blog. I love personal growth…So it came naturally. Write some content, consistently overtime and you’ll open yourself up to some awesome opportunities.

A few days ago, I dug into my two blogs to see the history of how much I post and how it’s helped my business over the years. Here’s some crazy stats…

My first blog was Hit Exchange News, and I started it 13 years ago in 2003. Since then, I have posted 523 pieces of content (and actually there is quite a few more but I lost the original database….lol Important note, always back up your blogs!) But let’s take 523 blog posts over 13 years is about an average of 40 posts a year. That’s a little less than one a week but you get the picture…

Here’s what that has done for my business;

– It’s made me a thought leader and expert in the world of traffic exchanges
– I have written a published book from the posts and ideas within the blog
– I have also authored 3 extremely popular ebooks because of the blog

I’m not writing this to show off, just wanted to show you the POWER of being consistent with your blogging. The doors start to open up, big time!

As for this blog, Plus 1 Daily, it started in September of 2015.

Since it started we have posted 319 (this post will be 320) articles and pieces of content. There are infographics, doodles, videos, live streams and training from all the blog posts and no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

The blog also is responsible for Plus 1 Success – Our 30 day action plan for success, and an entire brand that will continue to add value to subscribers for years to come.

You see…That’s the trick. Consistency!

This is how you build a better blog, pick a nice and WRITE. Create content weekly to start, but then get into the habit of doing it every couple of days and before you know it….Bam! You have years of great content and the opportunities start to really appear for you.

But it all starts with ONE POST….One decision to roll up your sleeves and get to work!

What has helped you stay consistent? Are you having trouble getting started with blogging? Share your comments and thoughts on today’s post….

8 thoughts to “One Post At A Time, Build A Better Blog [VIDEO]”

  1. Great blog post Mr. Olson!

    Time. The most precious commodity we have. No one knows just how much we have, and yet, tend to waste a large portion of it seeking out that – instant – gratification.

    When we add up all the time wasted, imagine where we could be had we just focused on building the foundation for the future. Something solid that grew with you over time, providing the resources to achieve more.

    You did that! Sure, it took effort, but you found that – niche – everyone seeks, and built upon it. It matters not from where the inspiration may have been derived, but that you took ACTION to make it happen. And today you reap the benefits of what began as an idea, a thought.

    Imagine the discussions we could have today if more than a handful of the 100’s (or 1000’s?) of people that we have known, and talked to, over the years had made that same decision. They, too, would still be around today, prospering from taking action so long ago.

    Keep spreading the word, Jon. I know it seems few listen, but those that do make it worth the effort in the end.

    Now I am off to write that – next – blog post. Even looking into more use of video in social media. Yeah, some of us watching ARE learning Jon. 🙂

    1. Yeah man, for sure….All this stuff will start paying off for the folks that are paying attention and taking action. That’s what I do it for, even if one person gets an ah ha moment a week, that’s enough payment for me.

  2. Outstanding stuff as always Jon!

    If more people would actually put some of your suggestions into practice the impact that it would have on this industry would be incredible.

    I like the way you spoke to the “nay sayers” towards the end of the video. No matter how many good folks put out good advice there are always people looking for a reason to say “they can’t.”

    Thanks for putting out such motivational material!

    1. Thank you sir, appreciate the comments. Yeah man, there’s a million reasons why people ‘can’t’ build an online business…But savvy entrepreneurs only need that ONE big reason to make it happen in the end.

  3. Hi Jon
    You wouldn’t think it would be that simple would you? Pick a topic, write your post, publish it. Pick a consistent schedule and post on your scheduled day. Repeat.

    My standard for consistency is Seth Godin. He posts every single day. Sometimes it’s just one sentence but you can be sure it is a sentence worth reading. He is a huge thought leader. You don’t have to publish everyday, you just have to be that consistent.


    1. yeah, exactly….the key is being consistent.

      Simply because, you will do more after a month than most new marketers will do in a quarter….Keep on, keeping on!

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