Opportunity, Change & Curveballs [VIDEO]

Life’s full of opportunity! It’s everywhere and comes in so many different forms. As an entrepreneur, you seek it and when it comes knocking, you usually jump at it and embrace it.

But there are other things that come along with opportunity….And they aren’t as welcomed into our lives.

Change being one of them. Things change, and it’s one of the inevitables of life. It’s a constant and if you aren’t growing and changing, well..You are dying. So as much as we hate change, we need to embrace it as much as opportunity.

Ahhh but then there are…Curveballs!

Life’s funny little switch-a-roo it likes to pull on you from time to time. It’s a cousin of change but sneaks up without warning. You are set in your ways and have been doing business for almost two deacdes and then POOF, a company you deal with and rely on decides they don’t want to do business with you anymore. That’s a curveball.

Nothing you can do, you have to accept it and find the OPPORTUNITY within the change of a curveball.

We need to learn to ‘hit’ that ball and while at first it may not be a home run, we need to keep swinging. Study the cards we are dealt and learn how to adapt to our new situations.

THAT’s being an entrepreneur.

That’s how to thrive when everyone else gives up.

Think about it, when there is an economic downturn there are still people making huge amounts of money. Why is that?

Because one persons curveball is another persons opportunity. Let’s say a $50 stock tumbles down to $30. The stock and price of the company takes a hit, but the value is still there. It’s still a $50 stock, just at a $20 discount. So savvy investors scoop them up and wait for the rebound. In a few years, they are looked at as ‘brilliant‘ but all they did was see opportunity when others ran from it.

That’s what we need to do. Embrace the change and keep swinging at each pitch. Opportunity is everywhere, you just need to see it when everyone else runs from it….

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