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Out Of Sight…Out Of Mind?

Getting back to work after some time off is always hard. Playing catch up with emails, handling support issues with my websites and then finding ‘the bug’ to start writing again isn’t the easiest of tasks. Especially when you have literally been ‘offline and out of the loop’ for 14 days. Still, I can find a huge lesson in my struggles and guess where it all came from…A book 😉

I’ve been reading John Hall’s new book ‘Top Of Mind’ which deals with the importance of being ‘out there’ in the market place. He uses awesome techniques and shares with readers how he’s become a go to guy in content marketing because he puts his customers first and their needs first. And by using various forms of content marketing, he’s always..Out there and seen by all.

Huge nugget right there for me…

I’ve been offline for a few weeks and while there was great support and amazing comments made on this blog from friends and family from the passing of my grandfather, I did see a dip in many areas of my business.

Less discussions on Facebook. Not many Skype conversations in regular groups that are lively 24/7. Not many retweets from my Twitter account. Very slow on Instagram as well.

Why? Because I was…Out of sight.

Crazy huh! I’d like to think, people are paying attention to what I’m doing but when I’m not putting their needs first and delivering great content (regardless of the situation) numbers start to dip. This is why it’s so important to be consistent.

Yes, of course. Life happens. And we know you won’t be able to avoid some of the things that do come up. However if you want to remain relevant in the eyes of your customers and associates, you need to be in front of them. Often. Consistently.

This is scary…

out of sight

20 seconds…

20…That’s it.

So you can completely understand why if you even disappear for a week or two, things start to slip. And while I’m not saying again, we need to be out there 24/7…We should try our best to be seen as much as we can, as often as we can, everywhere we can.

And while doing this, provide value and great content for all our subscribers and readers…BAM! I think that’s a great formula for long term success…

P.S. I’m going to do something different at the end of this post today. I would appreciate any and all shares, comments, likes and tweets! ONLY! And I mean only…If you have found value from this post. If not, I know I need to step up my game. However if you did find value, any and all shares (and COMMENTS) are so greatly appreciated!

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