Over 26,000 People…Curious About STEEM!

I’m not anti-Facebook. That may come to many as a shock seeing the amount of time I spend in this decentralized social media platform…However that doesn’t mean I’m not aware of the issues surrounding these mammoth entities….

And with the rumors of ‘Libra‘ the Facebook stable coin right around the corner…Things are going to get pretty hectic when it comes to the marriage between social media and blockchains.

I want to leverage these platforms. Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. They have massive reach and I want to do everything I can to spread the word about STEEM…And these are the perfect places to do it.

So imagine my surprise when I log into Facebook the other day and see this notification….

steem facebook

LOL Hilarious….

I had been rewarded the ‘Top Fan’ badge for the official Steem Network Facebook page. What that means is that the interaction I display on that page plus all my Steem propaganda that I flood my wall with, through Facebook’s epic algorithm, told them…I loved Steem.

Duh! Thank you Captain Obvious 🙂

Yeah, it’s no secret I consider myself a ‘Steem Fan Boy’ and do everything I can to spread the word about Steem. So much so, that my off-chain website is about to get re-launched with a huge emphasis on blockchains and more specifically…Steem!

But here’s my beef…

Look at that image again….Over 26,000 people ‘like’ Steem on Facebook. But then you see the activity on that page….It’s depressing.

There has been 2-3 posts in May of this year but before that…The last post was in December 2018.

The ‘Official’ Steem fan page on Facebook…Gets ZERO attention.

And I’m assuming it’s someone at Steemit Inc that runs that page, which worries me because…It looks like this is low on their priority list of things to work on.

This is a HUGE wasted opportunity!

No matter what you think of Facebook, we cannot deny it’s reach…And if Steem brags about being a better option…Why not show it!

If Steemit Inc doesn’t want to manage it…Someone will!


This community is READY and willing to do whatever it takes to build the Steem brand around the world…Why not support the people doing the work?

I find it remarkable, that we have the GREATEST model out there when it comes to rewarding activity and getting things done…But a simple thing like managing a Facebook page gets ignored.

Let’s gooooooooo!

This is our time to shine, especially with all the attention that ‘Libra’ will be getting shortly. We have positioned ourselves to become the BETTER option…Show let’s show the world how great this option can be!


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