Own An Online Business? Crypto Is…The Better Option!

I’m going to share a story with you today…

At the end of it, I hope that you will agree…Crypto is just a better option for business! For finance. And for online entrepreneurs around the world…

I started my online business way back in 1998-ish…

This was right around the beginning of the dot com boom! Everyone was really excited about the potential of ‘e-commerce‘ and new start ups began to appear at every turn. The biggest issue we faced was…How do we get paid?

It may seem like a joke but when I first started trying to accept payments online, we literally had a mailing address that people would send a check to…

Or there were online options too…Anyone remember e-Gold?

And then finally…Along came PayPal…!

Pretty slick idea they had back then. Easy to use, accept payments on your website and then money gets transferred to your bank in a few days…Heck they even gave you 5 bucks when you referred someone to their service…(Which is hilarious because of their current hatred and banning of affiliate based businesses…)

Yup, PayPal was the go to choice for entrepreneurs across the internet!

Sure you heard stories of accounts being frozen and banned for breaking their ever changing ‘Acceptable Use Policy’…But generally, if you followed their ‘rules’ you were safe.

I made a great living over the years through PayPal. I bought two houses with the money I made from using their services, supported a household and was the owner of some very successful businesses over the years.

Everything was fine…Until April 2017!

I got the dreaded…’You are banned from using PayPal ever again‘ message!

Surely this must have been a mistake right?

I’ve been using their service for 17 years without any issuesEver! So I did what any customer would do…I gave them a call to sort things out.

And what did I get for 17 years of loyal business?

For the next 2 months, I got ‘you are banned and there is nothing you can do about it‘ replies. I talked to managers, customer service reps, everyone I could…But they all came back with the same ‘answer’…

And the reason? You broke our A.U.P. and we cannot discuss it further!

Apparently I have been breaking it for 17 years because before April 2017, they had no issue with my account for all that time lol

After picking up the pieces of my shattered businesses and I discovered some truths….

First, PayPal is a scam beyond measure. When you agree to their terms, you can basically kiss your money goodbye. They can freeze your account and ruin your business whenever they choose to. You agree to their A.U.P. when you sign up and they can change that at anytime. You can’t do a thing!

Second, it’s my fault for putting so much trust into a centralized corporation. They could pull the plug at anytime, but I was naive and told myself…I’m legit, they will never shut me down!

Third….How badly we need our businesses to adopt and use crypto everyday!

It’s this simple…We work hard for our money and as online entrepreneurs we should be responsible for our profits. With crypto, we are the bank. No begging to credit card companies to allow you to accept their cards on your website. No need to worry about deciphering PayPal’s A.U.P. for fear of breaking it…Just easy transactions….Between the customer and the service provider.

Crypto is….The better option for online entrepreneurs!

So as 2019 approaches, I have a new mission for the new year….

To get the industry I have loved for almost 2 decades…Using, accepting and becoming fans of crypto currency!

There is a lot of false information out there when it comes to crypto though. And it’s not going to get adopted because a few accounts get shut down at PayPal…People hate change and will find ways to make excuses on why they shouldn’t adopt new technology.

It happened back in the early 2000’s…The same people saying they will never accept bitcoin where the same ones saying they would never give their credit card information over the web…

I wonder how did over the holidays in sales….?

As for crypto and adoption it comes down to ease of use, proper education…And getting rid of the ignorance towards it!

I pray, no one goes through what I have in 2018….I’ve had to re-invent myself and continue to do so….but I take it as a lessons learned and opportunities arising.

Whether it’s STEEM, Bitcoin, Litecoin or SuperDuperAwesome Coin….My mission is to bring online entrepreneurs to crypto! For them to see it’s massive potential and more importantly…Because it’s a better option!


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