Passion…It’s A Very Exciting Emotion

Being in business for yourself is a tricky thing. You need a good strategy, game plan and vision to get through the hurdles that you are sure to face. But one of the buzz words that’s everyone loves to throw around is passion.

Exactly what is passion? And how can you use this to your advantage?

First up…A definition:


“A strong and BARELY controllable emotion…”

I have to laugh at that but that next question is where we are going to go on this blog post…How can you use a strong and barely controllable emotion to your advantage.

Remember that old ‘like attracts like’ law of attraction mumbo jumbo that people love to throw around in personal development circles. Here’s a secret…It’s the truth!

Case in point, have you noticed what seems to follow the dark clouds around people that are negative about everything? They aren’t excited about their business? And show no emotion online? What follows is usually…Nothing good LOL

Now show some passion. Follow it up with action and lead by example and what do you usually see….Good stuff! Great stuff in fact…

SO the lesson for me is this…If I’m going to be excited about something and get fired up about it, people will pay attention. If the passion is there, the action will always follow.

Or I can choose the other route…

The dark clouds will follow you and rain on your dreams pretty quickly.

I know a lot of people hate the word passion, but I love it! When I’m all in on something and fired up, I feel like nothing can stop me. So here’s a quick action plan for you to find your passion…

Dig deep. Find what you LOVE! Ask yourself what creates a strong and barely controllable emotion inside you…And do that. Do that every. Single. Day!

3 thoughts to “Passion…It’s A Very Exciting Emotion”

  1. Perfect timing Jon. I have been passionate to provide a new service in my business for sometime, but really haven’t pulled the trigger. Between this post and one I read yesterday, I have been nudged over the edge.

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