Passion. Persist. Produce! [VIDEO]

I am nose deep into a book I already know I’m going to love called The $100 Start Up. One thing about reading is that it always fires you up and gives you great ideas from people that have already walked the walk in business and life. One of the messages in this book got me thinking about how important it is to actually follow up passion with action.

I know…

Nothing new there right? I mean people have been talking about the lack of action after passion for years and heck, go over multiple posts I’ve made on this blog…These themes keep re-appearing….For good reason!

We need to be producing value and quality content, products and services for our customers and subscribers. And do that for a sustained length of time.

One must persist! Be stubborn about success and show up every day even when the clouds are grey 😉

This is how I look at things, part of my success over the years has been to show up…No matter what. Every day. When things go heated and everyone was upset with me, I still showed up. When things were great, I was there with a big smile. When the industry I was in seem to take a dip, I was waving it’s flag. The point being, I truly feel that the majority of your success can be found in these three simple facts;

1. You Must Love What You Do – That’s passion….

2. You Must Be Stubborn About Your Success And Show Up Daily – That’s persistence

3. You Must Add Huge Value To Your Customers – That’s produce

Too simple?

Too straight forward?

Well thankfully I think there is great success found in simplicity, and I challenge you to ask yourself these questions….Do I love what I do? Am I doing everything I can every day to show up? And am I producing and adding value to people’s lives and businesses?

Be honest….

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