Passion Trumps Everything [VIDEO]


It’s a funny word. Some folks hate it and say it’s just a buzz term and that there is nothing legitimate about entrepreneurs who say they are passionate. Some folks even go as far to say it’s an excuse and just claiming you are passionate about something isn’t enough.

I agree to an extent!

It’s true that we need to follow everything we learn, talk about, and dream about with action but it starts with passion.

It’s the fuel!

It’s what gets you up at 5 am to check your email before your first cup of coffee. It’s what keeps you up at night when others are sleeping. It’s what you think about, 24/7 while others are too busy watching political drama on CNN.

Passion is what fuels your dreams and businesses and without it, we just never achieve what we could possibly.

I remember when I first got started online, I used to have insane hours. Not only was I managing a local pizza shop and working until midnight every night, I then came home to my son who was just born during that time. I remember coming in from work, looking at him sleeping and then BAM, right to the computer.

I worked while he slept and managed to get a few hours of sleep myself, but then I was up again. Bright and early with my son, on the computer and working on my dreams until it was time to go to my offline job.

I was so focused on the potential the internet had for my life, the passion fuelled me throughout those early years.

Nothing stopped me. Nothing got in my way…I loved every single minute of it.

And while some people would say, they have better things to do than spend every minute they could on their online business….I wouldn’t have changed a thing!

I love what I do and can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring.

That my friend…Is passion! If you don’t LOVE what you do, change it quick! Find the passion, follow it up with some strong action steps and the results will follow!

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