Pay Attention To That Little Voice…It’s Usually Right!

Believe it or not, my crypto journey isn’t 100% invested in STEEM.

Yes, it’s the bulk of my portfolio and something I’ve put my heart and soul into…But if you’ve followed my journey over the past 11 months, you’ll see I’ve dipped my hands into many different projects.

My friend @richardtaylor and I started the ‘HODL challenge’ where each month we would pick 5 different cryptocurrency projects we believed in and spend $100 USD on them. And we didn’t just ‘throw money’ at random projects…

We followed their projects, read the white papers (scary I know…), and decided which cryptos had the biggest upside. It had to be projects that ‘made sense’.

And in those HODL challenges we put our money into 2 projects that seemed like real winners…

ZRX – The Ox project. A decentralized exchange that focused on ERC-20 tokens. Ethereum was all the rage back then and the lure of a decentralized platform just made sense to us. So we dove in….

BAT – Basic Attention Token. Was based around the Brave Browser and something right up our alley. We both came from a marketing background and their promise to reward content creators, businesses and online entrepreneurs WITHOUT the spam and scams of traditional marketing, again…Made a lot of sense.

Both of these projects gave us hope that crypto was not only needed but could potentially thrive in todays economy.

Fast forward a few months and I was focused on STEEM….

Maybe obsessed would be a better description…

It literally…Took over my life and continues to do so. I haven’t believed in anything more and have yet to find anything in the crypto world that can compete with it’s potential.

So in my absolute brilliance, I decided to get out of my initial investment in Ox and BAT and bought some STEEM with the money I had invested in both…

Of course, you should NEVER take my advice when it comes to financial stuff because…Guess what 2 tokens have recently been added to Coinbase.


Now, that doesn’t mean that these are for sure bets…And being added to Coinbase doesn’t translate into mass adoption (Ethereum Classic???). But it does show that the projects that have the most ‘real world’ value are very much on the radars of the Coinbase brass.

Both these tokens have real world potential but in my humble opinion….They both pale in comparison to STEEM.

So that same little voice that told me to take a good look at BAT and ZRX is literally SCREAMING at me to HOOOOOLLLLLLDDDDDDD STEEM!


And not only hold but promote it everywhere I go. Keep on developing SteemSavvy! And show everyone I can how much potential is right here.

That little voice was right about BAT and ZRX….

So I’m not going to ignore it ever again….STEEM to the world 🙂


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