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Perennial Seller by Ryan Holiday [Book Review]

I was really looking forward to reading Perennial Seller, the new book by Ryan Holiday. I’ve been a huge fan of his work since I read Growth Hacker Marketing and then discovered one of my favorite books of all time – The Obstacle Is The Way. Ryan is one of those authors that takes you on a journey in his writing…It could be a by-product of being under the wing of Robert Greene early in his career, or the fact that he reads like a book or two a day…

This guy is pure knowledge and in his latest book, he attempts to show readers what it takes to create something with massive staying power.

Perennial Seller is not about a quick fix. It’s a long tail approach to creating something that gives the world huge value over years if not decades. Ryan gives example of everything from classic novels to technology companies that have not only shaken the world, but remained relevant for years and years.

This is what he means by creating a Perennial Seller. And I absolutely loved this book.

It’s broken into 4 parts, the first two are about creating your masterpiece and the last two are about promoting and marketing your creation.

Part 1, The Creative Process broke down how you need the right mindset to create something that stood the test of time. We should not be looking for a quick sell or simply sell the sizzle. We need the steak. And it starts and ends with a great product / service.

Part 2 was about positioning. Taking your product and making it the best version of itself you can. Ryan had a fantastic example that really helped me define what I want the world to think of my products. He called it the one sentence, one paragraph and one page definitions. He stated that if you could develop a one sentence explaining of your product and why it’s of value to your customers, you then develop a paragraph and finally a page that shows the world, what you are offering is a must have. This was an awesome exercise to do…

Part 3 dove right into the marketing of your product. Ryan shared that while our products must be superior, our marketing is still very important to get the message across. This was good old fashioned marketing advice but was presented in a way for today’s readers to take action on what they read. There were a lot of ‘ah ha’ moments in this chapter!

And finally, Part 4 was talking about your platform. What avenues will you get your message across to the masses? And I had to smile when I read this…

perennial seller

Obviously as the co-owner of RocketResponder, this made me smile from ear to ear but wow…How great is this advice? That’s what Perennial Seller was filled with…Actionable and common sense advice on how to take a product from conception right into the launch and marketing of it…And not for a week. Not for a month….But for years to come!

I’ve always said you need to be as fired up for your business in 10 years from now as you are today and this book cemented my beliefs. Sure opportunities my change, and the business you are in a decade from now may be different…But strong products stay the course. Strong businesses are here for decades. This book helps you to be as viable and relevant in 10 years from now as you are today!

A must read and another classic Ryan Holiday book!

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