A Perfect Content Marketing Strategy…Create. Daily.

I’ve had a revelation! My new content marketing strategy is as follows…Create. Daily!

Brilliant right?

I know, I should get an award for being so awesome!!!

O.K. jokes aside let’s dive into why this is a great way to not only think about content marketing but also to remind your potential customers that you mean business.

I found this quote in the book I’m reading this week and it stated;

“Absence doesn’t make the heart grow fonder, it makes the heart go wander!”

In today’s super competitive business environment, if you aren’t in front of your customers daily they will literally forget you exist…And it’s not their fault. Think about how their attention is being pulling left, right and center. You are competiing for their attention with thousands of other sources and if you plan on providing content and value for them once every 3 weeks or monthly, guess what….

Out of sight. Out of mind!


And that’s why we show up…Daily! This is why we create. Daily! You just never know who is watching, when the stars are going to align. Or when you might finally hit that homerun you’ve been waiting for. The best game plan is to create daily whether it’s a blog post, a live stream, a YouTube video, a Facebook post, etc. You must be visible for your audience because without a constant reminder you are doing things and putting out great content you will be forgotten.

And don’t get too hung up on trying to be perfect. The best thing about creating daily is that you just need to ‘be’. Even simple things like responding to facebook posts, commenting on blogs, sharing some curated content, or taking part in live stream discussions, shows others that you are out there, taking action daily.

You will start to attract the right customers and the right audience and the more your brand will grow as someone worth paying attention to!

5 thoughts to “A Perfect Content Marketing Strategy…Create. Daily.”

  1. Minimum daily tasks for me are email and social media activity of some sort and that’s the minimum which usually takes no longer than 30 minutes and I usually always have campaigns running on TE’s.

    1. Yeah man, I try to hit as many platforms as I can and make sure it’s quality content…I found a really cool info graphic about what we ‘should’ be doing daily. I thought of it as a guide only…recommendations…I’ll share it with ya, I just need to find it LOL

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