Persist! And Find True Success For Everything In Life

I finished Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life last night and I will be doing a book review of the book this weekend. As you may be aware of by reading the last few blog posts, I’m a huge fan of this book. It’s arguably one of the best Brian Tracy books I’ve ever read and while closing it out, he left me with one huge take away that really hit home for me…

Persist Longer!

In the last few chapters, Brian talks about certain traits of courage we must follow to really get the full impact of his message. He talks about being patient, making commitments and dreaming big dreams….But the last trait of courage was the biggest for me.

Staying the course. Persistence. Sticking to something for the long run.

Here’s why….

Speaking from personal experience, I was beyond stubborn. When I was getting my business started almost 2 decades ago I heard it from everywhere. From family. From experts. Give up and get a real job they would say, you will never make it online

No joke, these were actual family members and close friends telling this to my ear.

And you know what, it almost worked. I almost gave everything up. And when you are making scraps and going into deeper and deeper debt, you really couldn’t blame anyone for second guessing themselves.

But there was something inside telling me not to quit. I keep hearing….“Persist! Be stubborn and stay the course.”

I have to give credit to two guys that really helped me as well, Rich Taylor and Michael Russell (they know who they are). These guys became my mentors and when they told me….”Jon, stick to this. In a decade from now if you keep at it, you’ll be a success!

It worked!

That small piece of encouragement helped me regain my focus and stay the course with my online businesses. Since then, I’ve been able to develop solid online income and have been blessed to be able to work from home since 2003 full time.

Persistence was the key. We must be able to persist longer! Also be around good people that encourage you to grow daily, this high school drop out actually made something of himself.

But I won’t stop. I can’t. Simply put, I owe it to those people that DO believe in me to stay the course and grow everyday!

Be stubborn about your success. Persist longer!

2 thoughts to “Persist! And Find True Success For Everything In Life”

  1. Jon, I feel the need to clarify something you mentioned above.

    Michael and I were but a ‘cog’ in the developmental process of where you were headed, You had already made the decision to NOT give up on yourself before we ever met, even if you hadn’t realized that yet. You were taking the risks, doing what you could to grow, and (this bit is important) SEEKING OUT assistance to achieve more and LISTENING to those that could help.

    Never once did I hear you say “I can’t do that now because (insert an excuse here)”. No, you took action to DO IT!

    Trust me, if you had not already demonstrated your determination to ‘make something happen’ – let’s just say things may have been ‘different’. 😉

    As you mentioned in the Facebook Live discussion today, there are but a handful of people still around that were here 10 years ago (or even 5 for that matter). They are the ones that didn’t have ‘excuses’ for why they ‘couldn’t’ do something, but made it happen. And continue to do so.

    Yes, persistence is crucial. Being able to adapt, overcome challenges, and maintain forward progress does not come to everyone. It is unfortunate that many here now seeking that ‘entrepreneur’ lifestyle will never achieve it because they look for the ‘excuse’ to NOT do something (or at least begin) today that could change tomorrow.

    Keep doing what you are Jon. The message you have is important. I am just happy to have been ‘around’ when your journey brought our paths together. I, too, have learned much from you that has enabled me to continue moving forward. And I thank you for that. 🙂

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