Play To Your Strengths [VIDEO]

This might hurt your ego!

You may not be the best marketer.

You may not be the best behind the camera.

You may not be the greatest graphic designer.

You may have trouble writing blogs….

I’m pretty sure if you go up and down a list of skills, you might be good or great at a one or two things and not so much in the others….And that’s exactly what you want to know!

A few years ago, I came to the conclusion that I’m never going to become a programmer. I also realized that my graphic design skills were lacking. So I did some soul searching and worked on my strengths.

Playing to your strengths is one of the most effective uses of your time and energy when you are trying to build an online business. You may not be great at programming, but you love to write. Blogging might be for you then. You also may hate writing, but getting behind a camera and start a live stream is right up your alley. Play to your strengths.

I took some time years ago as well, and drafted what I call my 3 vital functions for my business and company. I have awesome business partners that are great at web design and programming so I focused on 3 things, and let them crush it with those skills I was lacking in.

I wrote this down, and read it every day in my journal…

My 3 vital function are;

1. Speaking / Live Streaming
2. Content Creation
3. Media Representation

Everything else, I leave up to my team. I focus on THESE functions, and that’s it.

Once I started this new approach and played to my strengths, my business started to make huge strides.

It’s ok to not be GREAT at everything. In today’s business environment, we need to be great at one thing and focus all our energy and effort on that.

Note: The video has been processing at YouTube for hours, similar to what happened yesterday. So it may not be visible until tomorrow. Not sure what’s going on with my uploads to YouTube. Seems to be stuck 🙁

9 thoughts to “Play To Your Strengths [VIDEO]”

  1. Glad the Youtube video loaded quickly on this end Jon! Awesome video and advice…I need to narrow down what I am good at…as I feel confident and good at so many things, I just can’t do it all. I know I am good at clicking but that is not always the best use of my time. I won a referral contest just the other day by not clicking but focusing on promoting. It is one thing to get referrals but success comes when you work with your referrals and help them to be successful. I am better at that than playing my guitar. 😀

    1. It’s a gut check. An ego check. And a very humbling experience.

      But it works wonders for your business…and life.

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