Play The Cards You Are Dealt…Outsource The Rest!

Being in business for yourself can be quite the adventure…

When things are good…They are great! And when things go south, the end of the world seems to be at hand. It’s a roller coaster for sure and while there are no guarantees in entrepreneurship, you will learn so much on your journey if you embrace the ride…

One of the biggest hurdles I’ve had was my lack of skills in certain areas…But more importantly, accepting that I could not be a jack of all trades.

I’m a dreamer!

And my DNA fills my mind with what if scenarios, crazy concepts, business ideas and game plans to build awesome stuff!

Problem is…I can’t code or design to save my life.

I have all the ideas in the world but no one to put them into action for me.

A few years ago I tackled that problem with partnering with a few guys who excelled at building websites and we thrived. For the better part of a decade, we crushed it and were making some amazing things online.

Stuff happens and businesses change. So while I’ve been picking up the pieces and trying to get back on the right path I discovered…


The blockchain of opportunity!

Looking back, I think I found STEEM at the perfect time in my life. I have been re-inventing myself over the past half a year and STEEM has been with me throughout the process.

I don’t have as much access to coders and designers as I once did…But that’s what is awesome about STEEM…They are out there! Even offchain, there are plenty of options to find the right person to make your dreams a reality.

Sure I could feel sorry for myself and just say…“I can’t make it happen because I’m not a coder…”

Or I can focus on what I’m really good at and enjoy doing, while finding the right solutions to make my ideas come to fruition.

Here’s a few tips on how to find someone to help you put your ideas to work:

– Frequent the amazing Discord servers that so many Steemians hang out in. Once you get to network and know who is who, you may be surprised at how willing and able people are to help each other.

– Exchange YOUR talents for theirs. Meaning, maybe you can write great ad copy, but are shy behind the camera. Exchange talents! You might be super comfortable doing a live stream, but can’t design a logo to save your life. Exchange talents!

– Events like SteemCreators is the perfect solution as well! There is nothing more powerful than coming to an offline event where the attendees share the same passion as you do. The person you shake hands with there could end up building a million dollar business with you. I’ve seen it happen for decades!

– Go offline and use services like Fiverr or other outsourcing platforms. There is so much talent out there in the world…You may not be able to create something, but I guarantee you there are people out there willing and able to! Outsource the talent you need to make your projects a reality!

Look, we can’t all be the great content creators. We might not be very good at web design. Heck, we may not even be able to spell ‘code‘…But we are GREAT at something that is of value to others!

Find the talent you need, use and exchange your talent…And stop sitting on the side lines waiting for the perfect opportunity.

It’s now! Grab it!



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