Plus 1 Attitude Makes Every Day A Holiday


Yesterday was Columbus Day in the US and Thanksgiving in Canada – both national holidays when a lot of people get to take a day off work.

Imagine if every day was a holiday…if that was the case then you would never get any work done.

Now look at things a bit differently.

Imagine that you loved your work so much that every working day seemed like a holiday.

If that was the case then you might not even notice that it was a national holiday because you would probably be too busy working.

This attitude has Plus1 I written all over it.

Jon mentioned the very same thing on Facebook yesterday when he said:

“Make every day a ‘holiday’ – Build your own business!! Because when you love what you do….You are never really ‘working’!”

That is Plus1 right there.

Plus 1 and holidays


3 thoughts to “Plus 1 Attitude Makes Every Day A Holiday”

  1. This is so true Patrick and something I always tell my son -“Don’t work at a job that you make great money but you hate. Work at a job you love and might not make as much money, but it is something you will enjoy doing every day.” Then the rewards are much more fulfilling. Some people stay at jobs just because of the money, while they make the workers around them miserable by complaining all day from the minute they clock in to the minute they clock out. I remember those days…. great post again. Thumbs up.

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