2 thoughts to “Plus 1 Daily – The Surfer’s Mentality in 2015”

  1. Jon, I watched the replay of today’s blab as I had to go out. I was told you had a bit of a rant today so had to catch up! Thanks for the kick up the butt, I am actually checking out the mod that you spoke of for my TE right now. I came across another TE that is using it and to be honest I don’t think I have seen it used very often. I’m getting some new pages designed so will hopefully try to incorporate the new mod in with them. If not these ones, it does not cost a fortune to get professionally designed pages as you mentioned. Keep the great advice coming, there are some in the community that appreciate it and do listen.

  2. Good show, I certainly wish I would have had my TE’s back in the good ole days, when people treated TE’s as a real business. I used TEs back in those days just for advertising my business. You are right about the penny mentality. I had one member who said the money I spend on badges and such should go to the members. I thought, really. So my hard earned money should be used to give away to penny surfers instead on reinvesting it back into the site to grow it as a legitimate business. I know a bunch of good owners who work hard to grow their business and they treat their TE as a business. Just hope we can get this ship turned around some day. But I will be spending my money on growing my business, not penny surfers.

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