Plus 1 Is Building Not Burning Bridges


We can all get upset, angry and frustrated with those around us.

We are human and the fact is that when we get annoyed we have the capacity to act irrationally and lash out at those who don’t deserve it.

Sometimes the odd rant or flare up just happens and it this can particularly be the case when we are very passionate about something and feel the need to make our point of view known.

If, in these moments, we treat others badly then a sincere and timely apology for our actions is usually enough to get us back in the good books with those we have wronged.

In these cases the sincere and timely apology is the Plus 1.

The next Plus 1 is learning how to deal with your anger and emotions so that those blow ups don’t happen in the first place.

Always remember that we are in business to build bridges and not burn them.

Every bridge you build is a Plus 1 but burning bridges is far more dangerous than just setting you back one step. Those flames can easily spread to the nearby bridges you so lovingly built up over time.

Respect yourself and respect those around you and you will have the right mindset for success.

One thought to “Plus 1 Is Building Not Burning Bridges”

  1. This is so true Patrick and thank you for posting this. It is so important not to burn bridges. And the fact is that we are human with emotions and not perfect. We need to do the best we can and learn on our journey through our mistakes what the best approach to certain circumstances are.

    I know for a fact now that if I eat too much dark chocolate which has caffeine in it that I will end up losing my temper too easily. But I was eating it so I could stay awake and do more work surfing and clicking on emails in my mailer accounts. I was also taking vitamins and supplements that gave me the energy to do these things. Unfortunately all of this caused my emotions to flare up too easily and get angry. It wasn’t worth it in the end. I made people mad and it was too much for my liver to handle. I went to the doctor last January to see what was wrong because I wasn’t feeling well and it turns out I have Hepatitis C and boarder line Cirrhosis of the liver. I have had Hepatitis C for 40 years but didn’t know it. Anyway the doctor told me to quit the supplements, and I needed to stay away from the dark chocolate. I ate some dark chocolate last spring and summer and lost my temper again, too easily. So if I get too tired I am going to have to rest and not get as much surfing done or emailing done. But at least I won’t be burning any bridges. Our bodies are our vessels we live in on the earth and they are not perfect and we need to take care of what we have as long as we can. On the positive side I was approved for treatment for Hepatitis C with the new drug that is out called Harvoini. I will only have to pay f $5.00 copay. It has a high cure rate and my liver fibrosis will be reversible to a point. I am not sure how much. So I want to leave you on a positive note 🙂

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