Plus 1 Is Never Blaming Others When Things Go Wrong


It is easy to blame someone else when things go wrong.

If there is not a somebody to blame then there may be some thing to blame instead.

When you are in business it is impossible to be an island because you will always need other people and other services.

Sometimes people don’t keep their promises and sometimes things go wrong, break or go missing. All of these things can even happen at once and all can have a dramatic impact on your business.

These are times when it is very difficult to Plus 1 and these might be days when you may have to accept that you take a few steps backwards.

But blaming everyone else around you is never the answer. It becomes an excuse which stops you doing what is necessary to put things back on track and delays progress once things do get back to normal.

It is easy to blame others when things go wrong.

Far harder is just to accept things have gone wrong, work hard to put them right and then make up for the lost time.

So when things go wrong:

Plus 1 is not blaming others.

Plus 1 is putting things right again.

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