Plus 1 Is Never Ever Feeling The Need To Say…

its not fair

It’s not fair!

If you find your self constantly complaining that something or other is not fair, then this is about as far away from the Plus 1 mentality than you can possibly get.

Very often when people complain that something is not fair they really mean that it not set up in a way which is most beneficial to them.

This is not Plus 1 by any stretch of the imagination.

Plus 1 is when you are trying to achieve something, see that the odds are stacked against you, redouble your efforts to achieve it and then go for it without complaint.

Or as Jon put it the other day in a post on Facebook:

“The concept of ‘fair’ is funny to me.

“Here’s a secret…..It’s life, it’s not fair….The person that steps up and wants it more, wins. It’s that simple.”

Guess what. It really is that simple.

4 thoughts to “Plus 1 Is Never Ever Feeling The Need To Say…”

  1. Life is not fair. A fair is an event that happens about once a year. There’s county fairs, there’s state fairs, but there’s no life fairs.

  2. Hi Patrick. People that say “That’s Not Fair” have a poor attitude and need to work on their self development. Besides thinking that way is a waste of time. Think of what they could get done just doing the work. My Dad had a “Just Do It” attitude. He was ethical, and worked really hard. His father and mother were immigrants from Italy over to New York, New Jersey. His Father with a family of 8 was a street sweeper, very poor, that worked really hard and had to get his job done in order to feed his family. I didn’t know him at all and wish I did, but I know he had the “just do it” attitude. Life was especially rough for Italians back then because of discrimination. But he did his job and fed his family and my aunt, my Dad’s sister put my Dad through college. I think she was a secretary, but not sure. She was Aunt Bea 🙂

  3. When I hear life is not fair (and sometimes it truly isn’t with things like disease and accidents) but generally speaking it just means one needs MORE motivation to re-asses the situation and tackle it again from a different angle and with a fresh perspective.

    When faced with “its not fair” and want to give in, quit or give-up just walk away for a bit and then come back to it and analyze how you can try it from a different angle. Many times that is all that is needed to find some “WIN”. Sure, sometimes it may take two or three more tries through the unfair situation, but well worth the time invested if you learn something in the process or develop some value skills while tackling these unfair situations.

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