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  1. Great show guys – especially Tom Wacker! I read a blog post several weeks ago from Paul Jarvis. Paul is a fantastic web designer who makes “living money” as a designer and ok money as a writer, personal brander – his words not mine. Paul said this – “I know what my hourly rate is as a designer, but I have no idea how much money I will make by doing a podcast, writing a blog post or writing a book, but I do both. That’s a huge nugget.

  2. As always a great show. For the last 23 years the only life and occupation i have known is in the Fire Service. Being in service to others is more than driving big red trucks and putting wet stuff on red stuff. In the late 1980’s and 1990’s there was huge move by fire department leaders to insert business lessons into the brawn of what we do. One author that harnessed lessons learned from business wrote a great book that applied those theories to what we do. Alan Brunacini was an excellent leader and I will never forget his seminar on Customer Service. Cool thing is I can now apply that to what I am doing online in this community.

    Take a look at these 8 brief sentences and see how they apply to what we are doing. This was written by a Fire Chief of a major US city that got +1 long before it was in place.

    Brunacini’s 8 Foundations (Brunacini Essentials of Fire Department Customer Service 1st Edition,1987)

    1. Our essential mission and number one priority is to deliver the best possible service to our customers.
    2. Always be nice; treat everyone with respect, kindness, patience and consideration.
    3. Always attempt to execute a standard problem-solving outcome: quick/effective/skillful/safe/caring/managed.
    4. Regard everyone as a customer.
    5. Consider how you and your actions appear to others.
    6. Don’t disqualify the customer with your qualifications.
    7. Basic organizational behavior must become customer-centered.
    8. We must continually improve our customer service performance

    1. Crazy huh?

      What you can learn for your online business, in an offline world.

      Great example man, love reading that!

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